The paradise barangay of Kapitan Enteng Floirendo

DEC 2-8, 2010

Sands in Barangay Adecor are like stars at night- they shine as bright as sun. Adecor’s white sands shine during clear sunny days and are suitable for sand sculpting, describes a marketing blogger on Pearl Farm and Samal Island.
The sand is just one of the many features of Adecor, which is virtually a paradise barangay that its newly elected Kapitan Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo wants to further develop.
In his interview Tuesday with GMA TV, he wants to put up a school, sports facilities and clinic for the villagers.
Adecor is a small fishing village and in it lies the premier beach resort Pearl Farm of the Floirendo family. Adecor is the abbreviation of Aguinaldo Development Corporation which operated pearl farming in Samal Island for almost 30 years until the Floirendo family bought the land and put Samal Island in the world map when the family fully developed the Pearl Farm resort into a tourist destination.
In one foundation day of the island, sand sculpting was made a contest. It was exciting. Sand sculpts presented consisted of great contrasting dimensions on technical aspects. Objects that are incongruence to its relations and visual dimensions truly defied arts perse. Thus, the overall impacts produce visual harmony that embodies arts.
Samal island is always a great weekend quick getaway. One of the best to spend weekend is to play frisbee in the white sand in Adecor. The frisbee during sunset gives different feeling- the humidity of sea air that rush to the lungs creates reverberating breathes. The sweat from fast pace running in the sand and throwing of the disk burns more calories beyond the normal exercise in the treadmill. Adecor has also a place called by old folks as balon. Though the name was already forgotten but its structure was still visible. It can be a historic place.
As Kapitan Enteng Floirendo is at the helm of Adecor’s barangay governance, it is expected that more barangay officials from Davao del Norte mainland will soon see the beauty of his paradise village- by tours, seminars and meetings.
But that would be after Kapitan Enteng gets elected as the president of the Federation of the Barangay Councils in Davao del Norte.
As FABC president, in exchange, Kapitan Enteng will also be seeing always the Capitol in Tagum City that his older brother ex-congressman Tonyboy had much earlier trod on as a FABC president in the 80s before the he served out his three terms as a District 1 congressman. Surely, that will always be when Kapitan Enteng attends the Monday session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan as a FABC representative. He’s the FABC’s imminent president after all. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte with blogs)


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