Pre-selecting the SK federation president

Dec 16-22, 2010


Tagum City and Compostela Valley Province under the separate administration of brother Uys have now Sangguniang Kabataan federation presidents first made out of the panel interviews and screening of a committee composed of leader-representatives from various sectors.
Fresh report from Comval said that the screening committee created by Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy was composed of representatives from the academe, religious, and the business sector/non government organization with one from legislative department. The committee screened the province’s 11 elected SK municipal presidents, rated them on weighed scores based on criteria and chose the Top 5 of the most qualified and most deserving SK municipal presidents to handle the job of being the SK provincial federation president and thus the SK representative to the provincial board. There was still voting made by the 11 SK municipal presidents who would be their Top 1, the SK’s ex-officio boardmember.
Comval’s procedure actually followed the Tagum City’s process of pre-selecting its SK city federation president and the ex-officio member of the city council based on the directive of City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy. The mayor earlier said that the panel interview route proved to churn out the best among the better SK leaders in the city and all those “kabuang” (dirty tactics) in electing the SK federation president in the past have now taken the backseat. The use of money by parents wanting their son or daughter to become the SK federation president had been sidelined. In the past, the mayor said, he often received gripes and complaints from several of his political supporters about the “kidnapping” of SK barangay presidents to have them chose for their favored SK federation president. We have belabored how a parent sponsor “kidnapping” or “hostaging” for entertainment, rest and recreation to have their son or daughter elected as the SK federation president.
With the pre-screening or pre-qualifying scheme made as precedent of Tagum City and Comval, best hope has been raised that parents and the SK leaders themselves will ultimately embrace this initiative that actually has challenged head-on the existing SK procedure of electing federation officers. Clearly, the change or revision was only inserted at the start or middle process of parliamentary system of electing the SK federation officers since at the last there was still election made by the few SK electors- the barangay and municipal SK presidents of Tagum City and Comval Province, respectively.
There are more reasons giving validity on the creation of the committee of the mature and no less than of persons of probity, which is actually a pre-selecting or pre-qualifying body, given the appearance of the youngness of the SK electors, among whom as we have seen lately in one coastal town of Comval is an SK municipal president who could not deliver her campaign speech without always stammering and repeating when she went blank of the speech she had obviously memorized before, perhaps made by her parents. If that SK president could not parrot an impromptu speech even in vernacular how could she be capable to lead the youths in her municipality? Clearly, she was a product of the “kidnapping or hostaging for R & R” of SK presidents. But the youth leader has to be understood, emphatized as it was her moneyed, ambitious parent who pushed her to become so.
The constitution of the independent committee shows that the brothers governor and mayor have confidence in the preeminence and role of the intelligentsia (read the academe and others) in guiding or intervening to what has already become a soiled SK federation election process deriving from a national law and subsequent implementing rules and regulations. The scheme is definitely precedent setting.- CHA MONFORTE


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