Panabo’s SK federation president Najah is pure Kalagan Muslim

Dec 16-22, 2010

“I am pure Kalagan Muslim from Barangay Datu Abdul,” newly elected Panabo City Sangguniang Kabataan federation president Najah Ranain told the Valley & City Chronicle in an exclusive interview last Monday right after her first attendance in the City Council session.
Najah is the SK president of Barangay Datu Abdul, a known homeland of Kalagan Muslims in the city. Her father Nasser and mother Jairabah are both true-blooded Kalagan Muslims.
On her very first moment of attending session, Najah said that she first felt a sort of tense and because it was her first, a baptism of fire of sort, she had still to closely observe the session’s procedures and how her seniors moved and deliberated on the floor.
It was challenging moment to her when she was given the floor for her first privilege speech.
Under the glare and watch of her colleagues and those standing outside the glass division of the session hall, she stood and gracefully walked towards the rostrum and bravely addressed her seniors being her co-equals for her important representation for and behalf of the city’s teeming youths.
With poise and eloquence, she called her representation as a challenge and opportunity to serve greatly the youths and the city and thanked all the SK leaders as well the city officials who have been helping and empowering the youths in the city through the years.
How she was warmly received by her seniors including the presiding Vice Mayor James Gamao.
Najah is already 18 years old- past the SK age bracket of 17 years old and below until 15. “I just turned 18. I was then 17 years old before the last October 25 barangay and SK elections. My last birthday was November 10. It’s allowable as clearly provided under our SK election law. What is important is you are 17 years old before the scheduled date of the barangay and SK elections ,” she clarified.
Najah is currently second year in college taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the University of Mindanao in Davao City. She had her high school at Panabo Christian High School.
Last December 3 the election of the SK federation officers was held at the ABC Hall at Barangay New Pandan and there, 19 of the 38 barangay SK presidents (two were absent) voted her to win in a so close and tight parliamentary race with the elected SK presidents as the electors.
“I felt that I was able to convince them to vote for me because of the strengths of my vision, mission and programs for the youths,” she said.
Among the SK leaders, Najah has been known to be a socially concerned youth leader who have already initiated and caused for the launching and accomplishment of various programs and projects for the youths in Barangay Datu Abdul.
Now as the city SK federation chair Najah is given more opportunity to radiate her service-oriented leadership in serving more youths in a city which she described as a so hospitable and non-discriminatory to the Moro people like the Kalagan Muslims and the indigenous people (IP) from where the lawyer Mayor Jose “Joe” Silvosa Sr, a Mandaya from Cateel, Oriental also hailed from before residing and serving best the city for long as a resident, lawyer and a makamasa politician holding various elective positions and now as the city mayor. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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