Missing AGR this Yuletide Season

By Cha Monforte

It’s Christmastime and this week the start of the 12 days before Christmas will roll on. The air at night is getting colder and rains occasionallly fall on. The dawn’s masses will begin this coming Thursday, Dec. 16, and simultaneously, as often in the past, classes will temporary stop for the children to have their Christmas vacation. I’m nostalgic now of childhood time when each day of Christmas vacation was filled of Christmas spirit. Such excitement to receive Christmas gifts from older people was a joy forever – when we were still a child. There was that time of popularity of bamboo kanyons. How they gave us joy- also those small kwitis, sparkler, libintador, triangle, whistle bomb. Christmas carols when heard and Christmas lights, trees, stars and decors when seen were so meaningful. Most Season-struck to me is Jackson 5’s “Give Love on Christmas Day”, and all those fantacies about having White Christmas- I loved those colonial Christmas cards. As I stand now and perhaps to any other older men- nay not old just edaran- especially those average familymen, I mean those in the informal sector and underground economy racing so difficult in making both ends meet, Christmastime isn’t no longer what is was before- in intimately feeling its spirit. Christmas is really for the children. Time to give them time and shower them with love during this Season so children will feel more than what we had passed before. And now we exert so much labor and hurry to transact and still find less and are always facing necessities. But it doesn’t matter anyhow as labor exerted is meaningfully meant for the survival of our loved ones and sweat that drips on is for honest, legal source of income. Not by scams like the one who embezzled collections from people’s money and suddenly put up his own business in the city.
It’s Christmastime and I thought that by now Davao del Norte District 1 Congressman Anthony G. Del Rosario (Cong. AGR) I could already see and interview him. Not yet and by June as his chief of staff brother Raffy G. Del Rosario informed lately in the Kapihan sa Kapitolyo. How we miss now Cong. AGR. The last time I interviewed him was right after he held his last presscon at the Capitol’s Media Center. He was already inside the gate of Tahanan with a group of Capitol employees including provincial legal officer Atty. Jeniffer Namoc. I raced to throw a question about his cancer and his flight to the US. He was candid enough to reply. It was when a copy of my first paper Towns Chronicle had the news about the reported political iringan between the Del Rosarios and Floirendos with a photo of him talking with his counterpart District 2 Cong. Anton Lagdameo. A short fire came out from from his voice denying there’s iringan between them, saying he and his kin legislator had often talked to each other. But Cong. AGR cut his temper short. I could sense he had changed – from being straighforward, enraged in occasion like when I wrote about his being always out of town- from the Capitol while he was then the provincial sports coordinator and before he made a surprise of informing during a Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council meeting that he was sick of cancer. That was about three years ago. So Cong. AGR had fought his cancer for over two years. That’s quite a long time, and we are happy of the news that he is now cancer-free following two series of chemotherapy treatments and periods of rest- first in Manila and now in the US where he had also a cell transplant. How we wish him to get well and fast, see again and personally greet Cong. AGR “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. I miss his candidness, his straight-to-the point answers, and his occasional silver-spoon temper to newshound reporters.
BLOGS AND BITS: Councilor Mario Angelo “Dodong” Sotto in Nabunturan is just right to strike a win-win solution through a multisectoral approach in the mined then Mainit National Park in town. The predicament is public officials in town can’t stop mining in its portions like the Log Cabin. Why? It’s for the multisectoral task force to find and answer this.
Top officials should not begrudge if DepEd Comval assistant schools division superintendent Antonio “Tony D” Delos Reyes will make a rebound and be reappointed to his position by PNoy anytime now. That after the demolition job made to destroy Tony D out of unproven charges made by the talangka-minded people. I mean those few Comval DepEd and Comval DepEd-attached people having crab mentality who successfully maligned Tony D out of professional jealousy over his feat of becoming a CESO. Tony D should also be given the opportunity to defend himself. My source says the one who started and co-led the unjust and unfair trial by publicity and by broadcast and the unaswered poison hard copy and e-mailed letters to DepEd national is also a sinner- he has his own “Lips-to-Lips Scandal”. Hint: he is a BOD member.
Comval Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy is again making the Cabidianan Capitol glow so colorful and bright during nighttime with his “Ilaw sa Pasko sa Kapitolyo” recently launched. Kodus to the governor and to his provincial administrator Virgie Allones.
Mawab Kapitan Rupet Gonzaga is right to question the romp ABC election made by 7 barangay kapitans allied with Mayor Evalina Jampayas and her husband former Mayor Samuel Jampayas. Na technical na hinoon as it was not declared the official ABC election, and so 4 kapitans including Kapitan Rupet held their own as officially declared by him being the incumbent ABC president, my source said. And so Kapitan Rupet became again the town’s ABC president by 4 votes. While he’s at it, meantime we’ll wait as the 7 kapitans are questioning Kapitan Rupet’s assumption at the DILG national.
Assumption College of Nabunturan (ACN) High School Batch ‘81 will have reunion December 28. Txt for inquiry, 09392218348…. Inmates in our provincial jails at Mankilam, Tagum City will also be having their own Christmas party on Dec. 18. Donations and Christmas gifts for the inmates are most welcome…. For DavNor and Comval reporters’ Christmas party, it will be a bring your own baon. We’re penniless. Wait for my txt msg though. (e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)


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