Kapitan Apit just wanna do it – serving Nuevo Iloco

NOV 25-DEC 1, 2010

MAWAB- Barangay Nuevo Iloco’s neophyte Kapitan Silvestre “Ondo” Apit just wants to serve his fellow baryuhanons and provide what his barangay needs to develop.

Fresh from getting mandate, now the punong barangay of an interior barangay of this town is first training his sight to acquire a barangay ambulance.

That would be on top of other things he wants to deliver  during his first stint as an elected barangay official.

“The ambulance is really so important vehicle that our people need during emergency,” he said in an interview.

He wants to launch livelihood, health and infrastructure projects, put up street lights, support sports and manage the operation of barangay water system.

He did not pass the usual route of becoming a barangay kagawad first before becoming a kapitan.

But he once became a barangay official before- during his youth days as Kabataan Barangay (KB) chairman in his birthplace- Barangay Pangi of  Maco from 1974 to 1982. Since then he forgot “politics” and immersed himself with baryuhanons as a plain farmer of Barangay Nuevo Iloco after he married Mary Grace Lazaro, a resident of the place, in 1989.

The couple chose to reside in Nuevo Iloco with only bare hands for toil, then being landless.

Through sheer industry, first tilling a riceland, they soon managed to acquire one and later started their uling (charcoal) business which defines their life now.

They are blessed with three lovely female children- Sherylou, now a medicine student, Myrill, BSA Management student and Desiree, first year high schooler.

The rest is history, but so it was said by many of Kapitan Ondo’s neighbors that it was his long, humble immersion with the baryuhanons, his honest industry that brought him prosperity and his being religious along with his family that have him elected as the new barangay captain despite  running against against an ex-kapitan and a No. 1 kagawad, whom he defeated in the last exciting barangay polls of Nuevo Iloco. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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