DEC 2-8, 2010


There’s ceasefire between our soldiers and our rebels because of the Yuletide Season. This is a yearly affair and good that both made declaration, but before temporary peace could reign battles first ensued between them. May the Peace of the Lord truly reigns even this Christmas Season which we Filipinos celebrate the longest throughout the world. In this Season it’s time to give gifts of peace to our poor people especially those in the mountains and remote barangays.
Our soldiers and our rebels really need a rest. Old soldiers and old rebels have retired and died in the name of peace, (nay lasting peace for the latter) when the longest running insurgency throughout the world is still with us after almost 4 decades. (But are there NPA retirees, Room 17 Councilors? Just asking.)
Let’s hope still there would be no breaking of the truce in our provincial territories so we can taste what a place we have without battles and wars.
But for the two Koreas- oh heaven forbid!- Al Rosero


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