Blackbelter Mankilam Kgd. Dumat uses his karate discipline in defending barangay

DEC 2-8, 2010

BARANGAY MANKILAM, Tagum City- Newly reelected Kagawad Anecito Dumat is using his karate discipline in defending and maintaining the peace and order of this barangay.
As a chairman of the peace and order committee, he said in an interview that he has been sharing to instill the values and practice of discipline and self-defense to the 14 barangay police auxiliaries under him and reelected Kapitan Antonio Rio.
For the record, he’s a 5th dan Shorin Ryu blackbelter and he’s a karate trainor of the police auxiliaries.
“I am a strict when it comes to work. I emphasize discipline as a basis of work and public service,” he said.
Thus for now after leading the committee for many years he assessed that that the peace and order of this barangay is “generally manageble”.
“May ginamayng mga maldito sa barangay pero normal na,” Dumat said adding that they have been containing them.
He said that besides his free karate training the barangay is also giving uniform and P2,200 monthly honorarium for each auxiliary.
He said that the barangay peace and order auxiliaries have also been trained in effecting lawful arrests and in making due protocol to the police and to the city social welfare department when they deal cases relating violence against women and their children (VAWC).
He is a last-termer barangay kagawad. He maintained his 4th place rating in the last barangay polls from his second term. He was Top 6 kagawad in his first term.
He is also the chairman of the commitee on infrastructure, committee on tribal affairs and he biads and awards committee (BAC).
“It’s in always giving good and unselfish service to the people that give barangay officials continuing mandate from them,” he told the Valley & City Chronicle when asked of his secret of getting always reelected. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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