Bananoy giggles like Jollibee mascot for Panabo City

DEC 2-8, 2010

Bananoy, the official mascot of Panabo City government, is now fast becoming a sought-after comic character as “he” gives fun during various occasions of the city’s barangays.
Panabo City administrator Nemesio Rasgo said that Bananoy acts like the popular Jollibee mascot and has been gaining fans since its first public appearance last March 31during the Araw
ng Panabo.
“Last year I conceptualized having a city’s mascot and I came up with Bananoy as a tribute to the major industry of the city which banana,” he said.
“It’s just like having city mascots in the United States like the Minesotta’s Timberwolves,” he added.
City Mayor Jose Silvosa Sr gave his high thumbs up to Rasgo’s idea.
Last August 2 Bananoy was adopted as the official mascot and icon of Panabo City with the approval of Resolution No. 346 through the sponsorship of Councilor Jannet Tanong. Co-sponsors were Councilors Raquel Geraldo, Emeterio Blase, Alan Piedad and Gregorio Dujali III.
Vice Mayor James Gamao and Councilor Janrey Gavina were absent during the session when it was approved, and presiding was Dujali III.
The resolution was first requested by Ms. Jan Mari Cafe, the city senior tourism operations officer.
“As an acknowledgment to the significant contribution of the banana industry in the locality, Bananoy mascot was conceptualized as a sentient banana man wearing a hat called salakot and a pair of rubber shoes, reflecting both is pinoy roots, ethnicity and conformity with the present times,” the resolution stated.
“During its launching on the 9th Araw ng Panabo City, Bananoy added grace to the event in terms of crowd attraction and enjoyment factor, making it a potential promotional tool or icon to uplift the tourism industry of the city,” it added. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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