A Regional story (Part VII)

Fe Claire TM Honor

So the two poor nephews were already crying mutely for they have been seeing their poor lolo slowly dying at the regional hospital so much so that they recalled their lolo on Week 1 when he could still talk wailing and questioning what the fuck were the contents of the expensive meds he had been taking that he could not feel any effect at all in healing him from his complicated ailments. Their lolo who was on alta convulsion and went already on another stroke was already rode on like a horse by a hospital attendant and a nurse helping each other to pump the breast of their lolo to resuscitate his heart that already stopped. One, two, three… one after the other both pumped the breast of their lolo. But since the attendant was called by another nurse to help in a newly arrived patient and the nurse was also called by a doctor to go to get something from a room, one of the poor nephews was “ordered” by the nurse to do the pumping at her stead. (To be continued)


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