A Regional story (Part VI)

Fe Claire TM Honor

By the next day after two weeks in the regional hospital the poor nephews saw again their still breathing lolo being injected with a medicine by a nurse. Their poor lolo was only visited by a doctor during the morning round, and the two poor nephews just heard the doctor and nurses talking in English. They saw the beautiful nurse whose buttocks became the landing area of the hand of the doctor and the two nephews just winked their eyes to each other. For the whole day their lolo was just subsisting in his attached oxygen and dextrose and he could no longer eat as most of the time he was asleep, still breathing. But later in the afternoon their poor lolo suddenly convulsed and one of the nephews immediately called the attention of the nursing station where many nurses were still always chatting and laughing to each other. Fortunately, one nurse and an attendant were immediately deployed.(To be continued)


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