A Regional story (Part V)

DEC 2-8, 2010

Fe Claire TM Honor

Good that there was a concerned attendant who came to give a first aid to their poor lolo who was shivering due to high fever. The two poor nephews could only pray hard. After almost an hour a doctor arrived and injected their lolo of something. The two poor nephews were later notified to buy the prescribed medicines. It was worth more than P4,000, oh my gosh again cried one of the poor nephews over the high priced medicines sold at the botika of the regional hospital. The two couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking of their beloved lolo who was already deep asleep with attached dextrose in his hand, oxygen in his nostrils, and cateter in his private part. On the next day, their lolo could no longer speak to the poor nephews as he would only stare to them blankly when awake. Maybe their lolo would already give up, the two poor nephews thought and rationalized that all men including the doctors will die. anyway. (To be continued)


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