A Regional story (Part IV)

Fe Claire TM Honor

So while hiding in a grove inside the regional hospital compound the two poor nephews were still secretly watching the two regional doctors smoking while drinking Orange and shortly they heard them talking about beautiful nurses and staff in the regional hospital. One nurse bringing papers went to one of the doctors and have the doc signed the papers. While the doc was signing the paper in standup pose the two poor nephews saw one hand of the doctor slid in the buttocks of the nurse. Hehe, the two poor nephews who have both incomplete front teeth were secretly laughing for what they saw while puffing their poor man’s Fortune cigarettes. So after secretly smoking they went back to the ward room of their sick lolo, and found their lolo to be already shivering. Immediately they asked help from the nurse station and what they immediately got were wiper hands of attendants and nurses who said their lolo would be the next as there were new arrivals in the emergency room. (to be continued)


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