Two lovely flowers in DavNor SP

NOV 18-24, 2010


By Cha Monforte

Owners of passengers’ vans are now definitely losing from operations with the prohibition of vans in Panabo City terminal. Before they have to contend with the full force of traffic personnel thrown by Tagum City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy. So they got zero Tagum-bound passengers from both north and south ends and drops. But Mayor Jose “Joe” Silvosa followed suit three weekends ago, and now vans got zero Panabo-bound passengers. The fence against the the picking up and unloading activities of passengers’ vans is becoming wider and longer in the stretch of our national highways. There’s now greater fear that sooner the existence of vans as a mode of public transportation would vanish in our streets. That is if Nabunturan and Montevista in Comval and Carmen in Davao del Norte would also follow- to finally practice by the supposed GTE/P2P (garage-to-terminal/point-to-point) franchise of plying vans. It’s though matira ang matibay for among van operators. The only way for them to break fences is to resort to court action- question LTFRB Memo. Circular 2007-007, which is a long shot one that could take years before it reaches up the Supreme Court. But it’s either they get or not the law in their favor. Either they lose or win. If they win by reason that the burgeoning riding public really need the vans as an alternative mode of public conveyance, then chief executives can no longer put up fences and vans can finally enter to pick up and drop passengers in Tagum terminal.
Tagum City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy made a new suspense for this year’s edition of the city’s own giant Holiday Christmas Tree. Minutes before the last Tuesday’s lighting event, not a few spectators were harboring thoughts that the lighting might go pfft. Say it would not light up when its lighting system would be officially switched on by the mayor and other officials, or a portion of it would go blank. It was already dark, past 6:00 PM and the sea of people was awaiting, with many obviously nervous and tense over a possible haywire while the rest was excited to see the spectacle of lights and lighted decors that the towering figure at the Freedom Park would give to the people in this Yuletide Season. When it was finally lighted by the city mayor, Davao del Norte Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario and Compostela Valley and mayor’s older brother Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy and especially when its pyramidal cone was already completely bathed of colorful twinkling lights, all those tense, nervous feelings immediately vanished and what came next were the collective wows echoing in a cool November air. By now, the city’s iconic Christmas Tree is giving strong Christmas cheer and is a sight to behold for the Tagumenyos and Dabaonons.
Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario (Gov. RDR) has returned from his month-long travel in California, USA. He went there to be at the side of his son District 1 Congressman Anthony del Rosario (Cong. AGR) during the stem cell transplant and start of recovery. The congressman’s chief of staff and younger brother Raffy del Rosario (RGR) said that AGR is now already cancer-free but he is not coming home yet this Christmas Season.  Capitol sources said that during Cong. AGR’s recovery period at present he’s always donning clinical mask and has to stay only always at home, eat lutong bahay foods, and is prohibited to stroll around the city. It was previously announced that he would be coming by December but he was better advised by his doctors not to because he just had his stem cell transplant and that there would be risks if he would take and endure a less gravity, tight air  16-hour travel from California to the Philippines.
Talking of Dabaonon, I seldom use this word as it is more of an invention. It’s an officially enforced word to refer to the people of Davao del Norte. If you’re in Manila and elsewhere and you introduce yourself, “I am a Dabaonon”,  the one you’re talking to would possibly get an impression that you’re from Davao or from Daba whatever that is somewhere in Bukid sa Timbukto. The word couldn’t particularly refer to your home province of Davao del Norte. The word would seem to strike association to the lumads, indigenous people of Davao like the Bagobos. We were Dabawenyos before including the Comvalenyos.
I got it wrong- factually, when I hinted in my last column that the P50,000 pork barrel of the DavNor BMs’ counterparts in the other province came from the intelligence fund (IF). Sorry, it isn’t the IF. To reveal, each Comval BM’s pork barrel of P50,000 monthly which tends to the many folk solicitations is regularly funded by the Financial Assistance budget account. It’s not the ay-ip but a regular budget shared by the executive department to the legislative department. The fund has long been breezing  through government accounting and auditing procedures without hitches. The Financial Assistance is shared as the governor gives magnanimity and understanding to his brother politicians who share the same plight with him- in facing usual folk solicitations. Now why can’t Gov. RDR make a replication of Comval’s longstanding precedent so that the DavNor BMs, too, can  no longer complain to their wives or husbands about their shrunk take-home salaries?
But the DavNor BMs under the pro-Floirendo camp have now their best bargaining chips as they have now the number. They can filibuster and have the still unapproved 2011 budget reenacted if they just sit idly over while waiting for  Dec. 15 when there would be new FABC and SK provincial presidents. The self-serving idea is for the executive to make insertion after a slight revision in the putting up the Financial Assistance account lodged at the legislative department in DavNor’s 2011 annual budget, and presto the DavNor BMs can have their legally grounded non-butcha pork barrel for next year. The budget- and turf-conscious provincial administrator Rufo Peligro should accede and recommend, else the 2010 budget would be reenacted and it would not give good TV and radio image to the governor (forget the newspapers from the big budgets).
The Department of Interior and Local Government has issued a circular asking local government units to ensure representation of the indigenous people (IP) in the legislative bodies. Compostela Valley provincial government had long installed the IP representative to its Sanggunian Panlalawigan. That was last year and before the last May polls. It was the late New Bataan Mayor Margarito Cualing who was the early bird chief executive who installed an IP representative of the third sector early this decade (after the SK of the youths and the ABC or FABC of the barangays, while the PCL of the councilors is like a wrong invention based on wrong policy they being not a sector, and santa banana why the councilors should be represented in the provincial board at all when they have already a lot of voices in the municipal and city legislative halls- the PCL post in the SP should better be abolished! Sayang-sayang lang na ug kwarta sa gobyerno!). It was about two years ago that the DILG and the National Commission of Indigenous Peoples managed to get a national directive during the time of ex-President GMA to put IP representatives in legislative councils- to the raising of eyebrows of others in the third sector like the women, labor, etc, over why the IP should get the priority. But I look at the gripes as misplaced as really the IP especially in our provinces should  ought to be the pick for the third sectoral representation. First, the IP, the original people in Mindanao along with the Moro people, are now the displaced people due to the historical migration of Christian people from Luzon and Visayas.
Comes now Davao del Norte’s SP composition after the barangay and SK elections. There’s foregone conclusion in the two more votes for the pro-Floirendo camp in the SP- with FABC provincial representative in-the-waiting Vicente “Enteng” Floirendo and SK federation rep from District 1 (who’s he/she? abangan). The two will be added to the existing 6 pro-Floirendo camp SP members- District 2 greenans – Lakas-Kampi-CMD’s Daniel Lu (Sto, Tomas), Ely Dacalus (Panabo City), Hernanie Duco (Carmen), Janet Gavina (Panabo City), PCL’s Janrey Gavina (Panabo City) and District 1’s Dr. Fred De Veyra (Tagum City, although he’s also perceived to be a yellowista). So the pro-Floirendo BMs become 8.  But actually it’s not 8 but 10 since District BMs Shirley Belen Aala, Atty. Raymond Joey Millan and Vicente “Enting” Eliot are perceived to be actually greenans and not yellowistas. If such the case, BM Manong Tony Lagunzad would be merry as he could always whisper the ears of PA Pong Peligro every after SP session on how the 10 BMs deliberate, move and vote. Also count BM banana manager Alan Dujali in forming the only two lovely flowers of Gov. RDR in the DavNor SP.


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