Tagum’s giant Xmas Tree gets worldwide view through the FB

NOV 18-24, 2010

Thanks to high technologies, and Tagum’s giant Christmas Tree is now getting a good worldwide view through the Facebook.

This Yuletide Season’s edition of the city’s own giant Holiday Christmas Tree that was again lighted Tuesday evening is now continually being uploaded in the Facebook by among the 5,000 people who watched it lighted by its builder Mayor Rey Uy along with Tagum Diocese Rev. Monsignor Ulysses Perandos and the two governors – Davao del Norte’s Rodolfo del Rosario and Compostela Valley’s Arturo Uy.

In that evening that later became grew cooler for the first time in November, the countdown from 10 had thousands amid a sea of people raising their hands holding cellphones with cams and digicams ready for click to capture the first glow of the tens of thousands of lights of the city’s Yuletide icon..

And when the countdown went off to zero, ka-tsaks were heard from cellphones and camera flashes met the first light of the giant Christmas Tree that has been continuously lighted as the uniquely traditional Yuletide offerng of the city hall under the administration of the thrid-termer Mayor Uy since the first year of his first term.

Izzy Mae Arro is one of the clickers who managed to upload her photos of the giant Christmas Tree in her Facebook account the day after the evening it was switched on by officials, in the browsing of the City & Valley Chronicle in Facebook accounts among Tagumenyos and Dabaonons. She drew in a lot of shots taken in various angles, zooms and pans.

And immediately OFWs and those in far places have their comments posted in Izzy Mae’s photos of the giant Christmas Tree.

Her FB friend Sheila Quiros Kimura, an obviously OFW, says; “ wOw kah nice wOi.”

Many of her friends had words “wow” echoing the collective wows of spectators Tuesday evening when full lights – yellow, green, blue and red in series, already curtained the Tree’s whole body after the red light made its first ascent to the five circular rungs that formed its pyramidal cone.

Ann Balaba, a Kapalong lass and student of Tagum City Institute of Technology said “it’s so nice” when asked right after the lighting.

And Jessa Mae Dacalla, 16, city high student,  said that this time it is nicer in colors and decors than it was in the past year. She  said she attended lighting events of the towering city’s icon for the 7 times already.

Tagum’s giant Christmas tree, 107 feet in height, is now embellished with light decors forming birds of peace, bells, moon and stars. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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