Erli meri xmas bonus for Room 17 Councilors

NOV 18-24, 2010


Last week and in the coming week government employees will be receiving the other half of their 13th month pay- Christmas bonus.

Well, for the Room 17 councilors, who have already received the special bonus of P5,000, P10,000 or P20,000 last  August before, during or after the PCL election in exchange for their votes sold and bought, they would also be partaking the other half special Christmas bonus. The JOs (job order workers) who are considered not government employees but are only contract workers would have to contend with the decision of the chief executives – either they will or will not receive the Xmas bonus or if they will receive – by how much? But because it’s Christmastime most  if not all mayors or governors will also give them Xmas bonus comes December and not November when their Xmas bonus is released after the DBM circular comes out. So an erli meri xmas to all of them! including the Room 17 Councilors–  Al Rosero



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