A Room 17 Councilor’s count

Nov. 11-17, 2010


For how long will the Tagum City traffic officers and traffic aides last in watching the long length of the city’s national highway section given that there are some 500 passengers’ AUVs (Asian Utility Vehicles) and vans plying it from their permitted oriigins – Monkayo and Butuan City. Say if the city has 30 trafficmen, and a tandem of them guard one-kilometer stretch of the about 5- kilometer downtown-near section of the city’s share of national highway, then at 8-hour shift, it requires at least 10 traffic manpower or just equal to 30 traffic manpower for the three shifts in a day. But the 30 trafficmen could not just be placed at the highway since there are also other important interior traffic gridlock streets in the city. However, since loaded passengers’ plying occurs heavily from early morning to 9 pm when night college classes end, then only a practical of 20 trafficmen could be effectively deployed in the city’s highway. So for now that should be the effective count to end the madness of violatiing vans and AUVs with their kaskasero drivers who often put at risk the passengers, says one of the mischievous Room 17 Councilors, who always take the buses to and from his town. Al Rosero

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