Who’s mendicant?

NOV. 4-10, 2010


It’s Christmastime now. Definitely after the All Souls’ Day we recently have. Pity the IP (indigenous pepol, the lumads) for they will be discriminated again. By December we expect they will come down from the Davao and Comval hills in droves and start passing their hats to beg for early Xmas gifts. Davao City Vice Mayor Digong Duterte has been having a good heart to them Xmas after Xmas- understanding them, providing them free food, medicines, health workers and barangay gyms to sleep but asking them to stay in the city only until Xmas day and go back to the hills before the New Year. They would be ferried by city-owned dump trucks in going back home. VM Digong will bade goodbye to them as the centavos-rich begging IP pepol wave back their hands to VM Digong with tearful eyes. Now it’s Sara’s turn to care the lumads, while VM Digong prepares his city’s no-discrimination code for the IP and Muslim peoples.

Now, are poor, no-money begging IP pepol mendicant? Compare them to the Room 17 Councilors who’re elected, salaried, and who asked/received P10,000-P20,000 in exchange for their votes. – Al Rosero


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