Political story telling for 2013/16

NOV. 4-10, 2010


By Cha Monforte

Pending the expected coming of the youngest Floirendo sibling – now Kapitan Vincent “Enting” Floirendo as the Federation of the Barangay Councils (FABC) representative to the Davao del Norte Sangguniang Panlalawigan, at present it’s still 7 votes against 6 votes in favor to the executive department, I mean to Gov. RDR. The pro-RDR votes include the SK, PCL and FABC votes.  When Adecor Kapitan Enting Floirendo gets the FABC presidency, the ratio would be reversed in favor to the pro-Floirendo camp. The public know so much of the Del Rosario-Floirendo political competition.

There are talks now that Gov. RDR can only have a slim minority of ABC representatives as even District 1 mayors are putting up the money to have their ABC reps elected and ally them to the Floirendo camp. Holdover FABC  rep Demetrio Maligro has been packing up and SK federation rep Dennis Cafe is nowhere in sight at the Capitol. They would have their last day of work by November 30. The latter would be replaced by one from District 1 per mutual support agreement between former District 1 Cong. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo and Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy.

But sources say that especially the regulars of the still present 7 and 6 voting boardmembers are having their patience stretched to the limit as they become chopping blocks of so-natural many solicitations from their constituents while they heard of their boardmember counterparts in another province getting magnanimity and understanding from the chief executive via monthly budget support to them from the I.F. (read: intelligence fund) to tend the usual folk solitations and have the regulars brought real unstashed salaries to their homes. The latter boardmembers are dignified of their posts, if the report is true. The former continues to have shrunk wages. That’s the reason why, maybe, ex-mayors who tasted being boardmembers after graduating from their terms as mayors wanted to be back as town mayor after serving a term as BM.  That happened to ex-BM Gregorio “Goryo” Facula of BE Dujali town who unfortunately lost in the last May polls, and maybe that would happen also to current BM and ex-Sto. Tomas Vice Mayor and BM Daniel Lu knowing that the son of last-termer Mayor Max Estela is so junior of him politically in the Lakas-Kampi-CMD fold. But it’s different to Comval BM Cesar Richa of Maco who is visibly waiting until his last term as a BM before he will go politically berserk in batting for a mayoral comeback vs. popular VM Atty. Mario Sapilan. Second-termer BM  Atty. Dexter Lopoz is riding on the same boat with BM Lu the (political) fact that Montevista Mayor Teofista “Pistay” Jauod is on her last term and hence nobody is reelectionist mayor by 2013 polls. The 2000 bar topnotcher might run for mayor in that town known for its famous Diwanag Festival every Christmastime. This is also true to BM Moran Takasan given that Pantukan Mayor JC Celso “Tok” Sarenas is also graduating and the political successor- Vice Mayor Haja Ranain is still young, neophyte although she’s catching up to learn climbing the political rope. But second-termer BM Takasan can ably run for mayor knowing that Pantukan is an old Moroland, once a part of a Sultanate based in Bunawan, Davao City in the distant past.

As to Davao del Norte BM Dr. Fred De Veyra, who is perceived to be a Lakas partyman and at the same time perceived to be a Liberal partyman (oh my gulay! that good automated elections last May Doc!), he said he aims for reelection. But he is ranged against probable BM candidates from the city council: the last-termer councilors now- Kons Atty. Mylene Baura and Kons Tete So, as well as the graduating Vice Mayor Allan Rellon, the he-man who can never become a city mayor with Kons Oyo Uy around, and by this, maybe the most-travelled Kons Atty. Allan Zulueta can run in tandem with Kons Oyo. But the city’s political kingpin Mayor Cee O can also say to Zulueta, “hasta la vista bab(a)y”- that he can’t also run for vice mayor. The last barangay election had political nerves warmed up and speculations heightened while the political teapot percolated and brewed scenarios in that distant 2013. But we’re fast turning 2011 with the Christmastime already around us.

In Comval politics, the political decision benchmark should be the 2016 polls when Gov. Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy, District 2 Cong. Rommel “Bobong Amatong and a lot of mayors would be graduating from their third terms. Last-termer Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya has three good 2013 options now (he better have to open than hide this now): run against reelectionist Congresswoman Maricar Zamora-Apsay, run against kapitan Janet Diel (sister of graduating Mayor Manuel “Jun-jun” Brillantes) for Monkayo mayor, or take a political forlough and run for gov only by 2016 (he can’t have a winnable 2013 run  vs. a politically entrenched Gov. Uy,  but Ramil’s forlough is also politically unsound since it means the large forgetting of him by the electorate who have collective amnesia). Now Mr. Citizen Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora is vindicated of his decision last May polls of not running for any other higher post and instead he concentrated for the winning campaign of now Congresswoman Maricar. Way Kurat has a good political acumen out from his being a seasoned politician since the old, big Davao Province. If Cong. Maricar manages to be so well-political entrenched in her current first term, and if VG Ramil and Mayor Brillantes won’t fight Maricar for Congress, ex-Cong. Way Kurat can possibly run for vice governor by 2013 polls (but then there’s this possible running for VG  by present senior BM Lito Brillantes while ex- Gov. Joecab was also heard to be interested to run for VG, and ex-Cong. Way Kurat has reportedly applied to Uswag Comval group for the VG post already). The vacancy for governorship by 2016 will be ripped wide open for bids of Cong. Amatong and influential Laak Mayor Rey Navarro, who would by then also end his third term, or of Lito Brillantes/ Way Kurat/Joecab -whoever of them sits as VG if victorious by 2013 polls. We also heard of Pantukan Mayor Tok Sarenas planning to run for gov by 2013. But maybe he won’t as he lacks allies provincewide. The faraway 2016 gubernatorial contest is riotous one. For 2013 polls, the way to continued political unity  of Uswag Comval aggrupation and so that no monkey wrench is thrown to the District 1 kamada of political stalwarts is for VG Ramil to only run for boardmember like when ex-Cong. Arrel Olano was first egged out to run as BM after graduating his last term (he first nodded and all of the sudden he ran for city mayor following Cong. Anton Lagdameo’s move of ignoring Olano’s right to pick candidates in District 1 last May polls), and for both Way Kurat and senior BM Lito Brillantes not to take a crack for vice gubernatorial bid  while Mayor Jun-jun Brillantes won’t also contest Cong. Maricar’s reelection bid. On the otherhand, VG Ramil can plead that he be supported in his congressional bid by 2013 since there’s this political debt of gratitude of the Uswag Comval group to him for not wrecking havoc to the political unification preluding the May 2010 polls when he did not pursue running against now Cong. Maricar. By 2016 polls, Gov. Chiongkee has easy prospect of running for the District 2 congressional post since ex-Gov. Joecab Caballero seems to have become already a political has been with his two defeats in congressional bids. But Joecab’s defeats are modestly compensated by the return of his daughter Kris Caballero to the Comval SP.   At this writing, I still don’t know if the good Gov. Chiongkee Uy can already run for congressman without prohibition since during the 1998 polls Cong. Prospero Amatong filed a disqualification case against him for allegedly not being a natural born Filipino citizen. In that polls, Uy had only a narrow margin of over 1,000 votes from victorious Amatong’s total votes in their congressional duel. That time the Gov. Chiongkee was an ally of ex-Gov. Joecab. But despite Amatong’s disqualification case, Gov. Chiongkee proceeded in his running giving a big implication that he can as well run for congress by 2016 when he ends his 3rd term. If not, he might as well choose who among the 2013 vice gubernatorial potentials are soft-hearted and content to serving only one gubernatorial term by 2016, and give him back the gubernatorship or allow him an easy gubernatorial comeback by 2019.

Really, this is just political story telling about scenarios in still faraway times. (For comments, e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)






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