Jizelle Formilleza is a Comvalenya

NOV. 4-10, 2010

Jizelle Formilleza, now one of the songbird finalists of Sharon Cuneta Show’s Star Power, is  beauteous lass from Monkayo. In her Facebook account put up by her close friends Justine and Ning Numbing, she likes to sing and listen pop, R & B, soul and acoustic. When she shot up to national TV prominence, how her friends and former and present classmates in Monkayo and Ateneo de Davao rally to boost her morale.

In the FB account for Jizelle, a fan Sairannalou Queen Sinda posted, “sexy..gorgeous zelle..good luck on Sunday” while Yenyen Mara-asin yells: “Go!…gurl…kayang kaya mo yan! para sa kasikatan ng comval…kaya go!”

Cydney Quebedeaux posted: “good job girl!!go for it!”

The FB account for Jizelle, the new Comval’s pride, is full of photos and videos on her TV performances and even on Star Power rehearsals before their Sunday shows. With her co-finalists, she’s now busy guesting in other ABS-CBN programs.

Videos uploaded have Jizelle singing in her superb, classy voice  “Ikaw Ang Pangarap”, “Break it to e Gently”, “Deepest “, “Bad Romance”,  and others.

In one msg, Jizelle posted a comment: “ikaw nag upload ani pen? thankyou2x, hehehe  -jizelle”

Thus, many are now following the FB for Jizelle, and Janjohn Pondias Torreflores shares his idolation to her, “ganda naman busis mo…nice kaayo “ and  idol na kita pa noon …”

And Noy-Noy Brillantes posts, “hahahahahha ka sexy ni tehh!!!ahhahahahahahaha”.

“Jizelle Formilleza is now a model? Wow! Kitams, di lang siya magaling sa kantahan, pati din sa pagiging model” words below the photo shared by Laurice Bermillo.

And Jizelle just keeps on saying thank yous as friends known and unknown in the FB world keeps on adding Jizelle as their new idol friend day by day.

In the visit of Valley & City Chronicle to Monkayo last week, tarpaulins for her bloomed in town congratulating Jizelle for her stardom status while yet competing to be the top star in Star Power. Mayor Manuel “Jun-jun” Brillantes Jr has joined the boosting of morale for Jizelle as one the talented children of his golden town.

Jizelle is bound to the the second movie star of Monkayo which has already produced Iwa Moto. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)




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