A Regional story (Part II)

NOV. 4-10, 2010


By Fe Claire TM Honor

The poor nephews of a lolo who died in a regional hospital suspected that their lolo was a victim of barang (witchcraft) that they said they were able to see a cockroach and a lagong (big fly) coming out from the bed where their lolo lay. They said every now and then a regional doctor and nurses did a round and later they would be given prescription of medicines to buy from the botika of the hospital. They bought all the medicines because the lolo’s favorite nephew from Saudi just sent them money again. The poor nephews said that the medicines have high and exorbitant  prices that can’t be bought by the poor and had they had no Saudi connection their lolo could have the same fate to his neighbor patient, also a lolo, who decided to walk away carrying his dextrose in choosing to die in his home. The other lolo had no one attending him and all that he ate was the tasteless lugaw given by the hospital. (To be continued)



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