“Days are numbered for bottled mineral water”, says inventor

NOV. 4-10, 2010

Our water sucks, Alkarich Water introduced in Tagum City

TAGUM CITY- “Their days are numbered,” said an inventor from Manila who is recently in the city, referring to the bottled waters- be it called mineral, distilled or purified- as he trumpeted his own bicarbonate buffered alkaline drinking water, or in short, alkaline water

The inventor of alkaline water processing plant Engr. Horacio Freires said that the water in the so-called “mineral water” that is being sold in the market “has only hydrogen and oxygen left” if it is distilled water and “lacks other mineral components” if it is purified one”. He doubts even that other bottled waters have much acid that little by little contributes to the dying of people in their rather early lifespan.

“Our alkaline water comes out through the most superior way of cleaning water of acid and bacteria- the zero-waste reverse osmosis, and we re-mineralized it to make it an alkaline water, which has 7 to 8.5 PH of acidity or alkalinity which is the United Nations’ standards,” he said during his media briefing Wednesday about his water processing technology bought by the new Alkarich Water company, whose water processing and refilling station can now be patronized at corner Osmena St. and national highway (fronting St. Thomas Law School, formerly Valle Lodge).

On Friday Alkarich starts doing business: processing the water from Tagum Water District to make it alkaline water in zero-waste reversed osmosis through the newly installed electro-mechanical water processing plant designed and installed by Freires, bottle and seal it in water containers under tight hygienic condition, then deliver it to initial customers in the city.

“The alkaline water is now the most superior water being sought in Metro Manila. I have already plants established and owned by private entities in Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Laoag, Antipolo and Legaspi City,” he bared.

“Alkarich is first in Mindanao to sell alkaline water,”said Carlito Pillerin, co-owner of Alkarich firm and refilling station.

“We’re here to define what really is water. We have to inform the public what is really the water that the human body needs. Business is not only about earning. It is about helping your client,” said Pillerin, former administrator of Davao Regional Hospital in Tagum City.

He said that water business has been going on for years and noted that many water processing and refilling businesses have already closed shop as “it appears to be no longer lucractive” owing to stiff competition and failure to deliver quality water to customers while investors failed to duly inform the public of the benefits of consuming good drinking water.

“Our alkaline water is a water without the bad minerals but with the good minerals for health,” he said.

He said that as existing water stations and distributors fight for the same water market offering now at P35 per 20-liter container of water or 3 containers for P100, but the Alkarich is not bothered of this by the most superior, most standard water for health it delivers to the public at P50 gross price per 20-liter container.

The city’s first alkaline water can be bought though directly at P40 at Alkarich plant since the P10 will go to the commission of anybody wanting to earn by selling it.

Pellerin said that he and his partners have invested about P2.2 million for the plant, building and Freires technology, and that after the Tagum City plant they are planning to invest in neighboring places like Nabunturan and in other areas in Mindanao.

Soonest they would also be introducing bottled Akarich waters in 350 ml, 375 ml, 500 ml and 1,000 ml containers.

Interested investors can partner with the Alkarich firm.

In Alkarich computation, a gross profit margin of about P2 per liter of processed alkaline water awaits to investors. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)




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