The unproven

Sept. 23-29, 2010


Boardmember Alan Dujali has ostensibly chickened out when he did not deliver his promised privilege speech last Monday’s session. When he did not stood up, it was all within his rights and his prerogative to do so, and for whatever rightful and legal he will be doing. Though he offered an excuse that would again keep the public waiting for him- for conveying that he was reserving his speech in time with the approaching barangay elections, he opted to be silent while actually wanting to bare his expressions about the concluded PCL election by giving a copy of his draft privilege speech to the Valley & City Chronicle.

By now and evidently, Dujali opted to be safe while there is so much speculation that he buckled down from “so much pressure of some of his friends”, an information he bared to the local media the other week. Three sessions ago, he was absent for still unknown reason following a holiday and the 5th Monday when there was no regular session of the provincial board. It was the Monday where everybody was expecting he would reply to the counter privilege speech of Boardmember Janet Gavina who questioned and even belittled his oratory and made potshots of him for sour-graping for the losing ex-PCL president Helario Caminero of Kapalong. And last week, he told inquiring mediamen he was supposed to make his privilege speech but decided not to proceed due to the presence of visiting La Union Boardmember Henry Bacurnay Jr, who sought for closed-door conference with the boardmembers and Vice Gov. Victorio Suaybaguio, Jr in view of his early campaigning for his planned candidacy for president in the coming November election of national officers for the league of provincial boardmembers. Ironically, Dujali’s supposed privilege speech was swept in the sidelines by another liga election matter brought by an outsider.

Unfortunately, we could not take Dujali’s cudgel. It’s his responsibility to make a rejoinder or not to Boardmember Janet Gavina, while her son PCL president and Boardmember Janrey Gavina had denied he engaged in vote buying to win and get his current post. The function of the media is to cover for news and report what has been happening and what has been bared by news sources. We could not rise above from our news sources. When Dujali chose to keep his mouth shut until in time with the forthcoming barangay election, the news carriers and messengers are estopped especially that the burden of proof lies verily at the hands of Dujali, who in the first place, out of the sudden, to the complete surprise of those in the gallery, and while murmurs were heard in the rounds in the immediate post-PCL election days, stood for his first and maybe last privilege speech pertaining to the PCL election in the afternoon of August 16, 2010. That fateful day he riled about “envelopmental politics” that subsequently put to the open, and formally, the otherwise muted controversy that now has only left for the province’s councilors- the good ones and the bad ones alike- to be seen as damaged goods. Quite certainly, it was Dujali who started it all, that set off his own dilemma- and to be fair to him and all- while Caminero hides and also chooses silence and- convenience. These, as the allegation of vote buying that Dujali raised remains to be unproven by him, begetting only a picture of him that he was really “sour graping”.- Cha Monforte

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