The other Versoza

Sept. 23-29, 2010

Good Week ‘Syano

DILG Davao del Norte provincial director might have a froth on his mouth when he cleared by personally vouching that there is no elected official who is on the take of the illegal Last 2 gambling in the province. Come again, sir? He said that he has not come across with a report about officials being on the payola of Last 2 financiers. Versoza’s clearing is just so unfair to the  Last 2 financiers because in the first place they had been operating then openly before this present stoppage with the knowledge of officials including Versoza. (Who was that DILG top official visiting in Comval to close-open the Last 2 last month?).

Maybe the officials just tolerated the Last 2 gambling due to the livelihood it created. Say if in Comval and Davao del Norte there are a total of 400 fronton betting offices, therefore Last 2 gambling had created 800 direct employments of cashiers, who earn in average P150 per day per pax. That’s without yet counting the ushers and coordinators who earn by commission.

Lest we forget, include also the additional incomes of many tong-asking officials in the police, military, NBI, CIDG, SOG, independent rogue cops, etc. from the region down to the province and municipal levels. – Al Rosero


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