The gold hunters (Part 2)

Sept. 16-22, 2010

The Northern Spy

by Fe Claire TM Honor

At no time in the history of small scale mining in Comval does the mining financiers have the vast opportunity to strike gold with most certainty than now through their gold hunters. These gold hunters are abanteros and former abanteros before who already know enough from the rule-of-the-thumb in small scale mining about varied types of gold veins in Comval- there’s that beeron, which has the color of the bottle of beer grandes (whew, we remember Diwalwal’s beer pa day, brief lawlaw joke), the chokolate, the one full of manganess, the one full of payrats, etc. These gold hunters know already how to calculate and determine the volume and direction of gold veins, and as to where they would have to start digging to catch up and “hanger” the tunnel operations of the corpo they deceived. You know, there are lots of treacheries and betrayals in the world of small scale mining, and one of those is the act of gold-smart financiers to “hanger” the tunnel that already hit gold-rich veins. We said before that one of their modus is to ask for a destino in the tunnel that hit big. The other treachery is to start digging in the other side of the mountain and race to hit the gold-rich gold veins that have been followed and excavated by the tunnel that first hit it. But there’s another story: One tunnel owner in Mainit gold complex in Nabunturan became fealthy rich not out of being smart or deceiver through the gold hunters, because the rich gold vein just went to the direction of his tunnel beside a tunnel that already scored good “plantable” gold ores. When he started tunnelling he entered into agreement with the corpo that hit that he would just dig straight and would just deepen his tunnel, would not sink and dip and never attempt to “hanger” his neighbors’ tunnel. But one day, this tunnel operator, who has already a planta now, did not expect that the gold vein being followed by the neighboring corpo just went to the direction of his empty tunnel. And posthaste he said, “para gyod ni sa ako ning binaha” while his unlucky neighbors just scratched their heads. The latest news of this lucky Mainit tunnel operator is that he was able to cash in on about P20 million from the gold vein that goes to the direction of his tunnel.


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