The Comvaleco’s feasibility

Oct 21-27, 2010


By Cha Monforte

The clamor of breaking Daneco into two electric cooperatives is gaining momentum and the support to the proposal from across sectors is snowballing. Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy and his younger brother Tagum City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy are the latest public officials who made known their favorable position to the proposal. The governor said “it’s better” option and Tagum city budget officer and Daneco board president Dean Briz relayed the governor’s position to us saying that Gov. CK was first hesitant to the idea but knowing that Comval has now a robust industrial sector, exemplified for one by the bullish operation of many plantas in mining villages, Comval’s electric coop – baptized by the Comval mayors led by their mayors’ league president and Laak Mayor Rey Navarro as COMVALECO (Compostela Valley Electric Cooperative)-can as well stand independently, which makes the governor favorable to the proposal per se and pending the result of the feasibility study commissioned by the Comval’s League of Municipalities (LMP).

Briz said that a planta (the small-to-medium, fabricated carbon-in-pulp cyanidation plant) consumes power equivalent to 1,000 households. Comval’s mining industry can equalize the robust commercial sector of Tagum City which has been contributing about 43% percent of total power bill payments to Daneco, besides that the province gets the biggest chunk of residential consumers by around 70 percent if the present Daneco is divided by province.

But there’s this question on whether the Comval’s coastal towns of Maco, Mabini and Pantukan and faraway Laak would be included in Comvaleco. For unified coordination implicating power servicing and provincial policies, they ought to be included although at present the coastal towns belong to the present Tagum Area in Daneco’s power distribution scheme. This issue is just a matter of power distribution and sharing on substation. After all, the two units will get power from the same Agus base load and power transmitted by the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines. Wheeling rates of sort can also be effected if one unit is serviced by the other unit. This is a complicated issue that can anyway be resolved by technical assessments.

Mayor Uy is practical in dashing the fear that each electric coops out from Daneco’s  division would be losing by simply posing a question, why do the sari-sari stores are still existing and doing business? Rightly, Daneco’s two units are instant multi-million enterprises and the mayor, who is also a businessman, knows the proposal’s feasibility by his business gut feel alone.

As we go to the press, Nick Suaybaguio, Sr., a retired BIR revenue district officer tallked of a “very thin span of control” of the management of the present Daneco and like anyone he tossed the idea of having “focused management” once the break up is materialized. “He said that the proposal of dividing Daneco has long been overdue. As he could remember, the proposal has long been rawly running for years and there was that greatest fear the Comval’s own electric coop might be losing considering Tagum’s gargantuan share of delivering incomes to Daneco. “Walang naaapi sa division, it is both an advantage, to each is own,” he said.

BLOGS ANDBITS: We still have to know from PENRO Glen Adonis Rico how many plantas there are in Comval. Now everybody’s talking about gold in Nabunturan, New Bataan and Maragusan areas in the Comval mainland while the Masaraline upland barangays of Pantukan, Mabini and Maco are also having gold strikes somewhere via small scale mining. Since when  the plantas become the popular and efficient mode of gold processing (the ballmill is put in the backseat) while the international market price of gold keeps on hovering beyond P1,000 per gramo (in abanteros’ standard) and with the present use of assay-based tunnelling, the small-scale mining we’ve long known of before has become more profitable giving continued bonanza and changes in the lifestyles of many rural folks. New millionaires are emerging and becoming another Pokloys from the ranks of villagers and abanteros from Nabunturan, New Bataan, Maragusan and Pantukan. Comval is the reality of such fabled Ilonggo joke: “sa amon gid sa Iloilo and pilak ginapiko, ginapala”.

In the humdrum barangays of Mainit, Manat, Tagnocon and other villages in Nabunturan’s interior east many are now buying four-wheel automobiles and pickups while XRM, Honda Dream motorcycles are bought like a popcorn. Concrete or mansion-like houses are erected and atop roofs of many villages houses are Cignal cable TV antennas and Smartbro or Globeline internet antennas proudly rising. The rural folks in Nabunturan’s mining villages are changing lifestyles with their youths dabbling on internet-connected PCs and laptops or nightly go to the poblacion with their motorcycles for drinking gimiks. Time’s a changing. But mining-related crimes keep on occuring. There’s that boon, and there’s that bane in mining. Somebody from our authorities must act on this type of crime.

Someone said that in Compostela town, only the “underlings and satraps” are making executive decisions. Mayor Jessie Bolo knows this too much as he’s foremost a businessman than a mayor. The town’s marketplace is now abound with gripes and flea market talks about the mayor. Mayor Bolo should better make a counter-explaining.

Montevista Mayor Teofista “Pistay” Jaoud confided Wednesday that she’s having dialysis twice every week in a Davao City hospital. She’s having this since May 2009. She also said that by 2013, when she’s stepping out after serving her three terms, many would then be running for mayor. But she’s counting out from the race her husband ex-Mayor Salvador Jauod or her son second-termer Councilor Jojo Jauod “kay walay kwarta”. However, ex-Congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora, we were told, said during last Monday’s report of Congresswoman Maricar Zamora-Apsay that in Montevista there 47 candidates for mayors in Montevista by 201- and they are Boardmember Atty. Dexter Lopoz, Councilor Jojo Jaoud, incumbent Vice Mayor Roel Abucejo, defeated 2007 and 2010 mayoral candidate Titing Balunos, defeated 2010 mayoral candidate Jun Basalo, Councilor Eutropio Jayectin and Councilor Boy Rabanos, and businessman Dodong Cuaranta. Now add the last name Cuarenta or 40, so Way Kurat says there are 47 mayoral candidates in Montevista by 2010. Just a new joke of ex-Cong. Way Kurat, who’s so much guessed of to be vying for the vice governorship by 2013 polls. It’s the vice governor’s post that matters most in 2013    if someone wants to become the Comval governor by 2016, the year when Governor Chiongkee ends his assured third term.

Last-termer Monkayo Vice Mayor Avelino Cabag expects no bacchanalian feast when he steps out by 2013. He said that he asked Mayor Manuel “Junjun” Brillantes that if he’s not offered a boardmember’s slot by 2013 then he’ll just be content to run for councilor to render continuing service to fellow townmates. He said that since the mayor has declared that the next mayor he wants for Monkayo is his sister Janet Brillantes-Diel, the Olaycon barangay captain he has all the respect and bows down to his mayor’s choice. As to vice mayoral tandem of Diel, Councilor and ex-BM Armando “Boy” Codilla seems to be the most potential to be anointed from among the incumbent councilors, the last-termer VM Cabag said.



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