The city’s good cheer

Oct 14-20, 2010


There’s indeed good cheer for the jewel city of Tagum as Tagumenyos simultaneously enter Christmastime and fiestatime. On November 21, the city would feast for the continued blessing and guidance of its Patron Saint,  Kristong Hari, Christ the King. There’s fiesta carnival while lighted Christmas lanterns are seen a-glowing at night yet being offered for sale along the city’s major thoroughfares. The construction of Metro Gaisano at the emerging new commercial hubpoint in the the city continues in its fast pace with it owners visibly beating its own deadline of making soft opening of the city’ upcoming biggest mall in time with the Tagum fiesta.

Beyond this ephemeral barangay electoral mood, the people are expecting a bonanza and good life for the rest of the year and for the new year (the sooner the poll is finished and victors are proclaimed, the better for us to go on living and dreaming sans divisions brought about by petty and village politicking).

But at no other time since the 1998 cityhood and provincehood, 13 years after, can Tagumenyos, Dabaonons and Comvalenians expect more tiding from their sub-regional service city centre than in the next year that the city government would officially breach the respective annual budget and income records of both Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley provincial governments.

Tagum’s budget topping for 2011 is a creme de la creme of the fiscal achievement of the city government and it no less than indicates for the robust economic character of the servicing city as by it behooves good tiding for the citizens over having more funds that would go for further developments giving a clear statement that the City Hall-collected taxes are moving. This simply erases the gripes around over having to pay for more taxes.

The city budget’s surpassing in 2011 of its own provincial government’s budget with a big margin of P29.3 million out from its P815,427,900 compared to the latter’s P786,110,100 annual budget tells of a city’s gargantuan budget over a smaller territory and smaller number of people compared to those that the provincial government would have to serve and care.

With Tagum’s highest budget for next year, which is actually the other face of its income projected until December of this year, comes the implications of the ascendancy and fiscal power of the city government and its chief executive, Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy to govern and even influence beyond its jurisdictional confines even if the budget achievement offers more a best practice and innovative lesson learned from a city governance marked by political will, and even if it is a continued offer awaiting further replications by laggard local government units around in the country.- Cha Monforte


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