Sweeter victory for Kapitan Nono Eliot of Visayan Village

Oct 28-nov 3, 2010

For people-empowerment-oriented Barangay Kapitan Ronald “Nono” Eliot nothing is sweeter than being elected for second time by a trusting people despite heavy odds and black propaganda levelled against him during the campaign period.

Barangay Visayan Village, Tagum Kapitan Ronald “Nono” Eliot

In the last barangay polls, a mud was thrown at him by his rival who is a perennial and always a loser candidate, that he’s always in the sabungan (cockpit) when “there’s no Saturdays and Sundays to me since I started serving Visayan Village”.

He’s no gambler nor one of the cockfighting aficionados. He’s a punong barangay every public development worker or community organizer in the  idealist civil society can no longer target to mainstream or advocate, for you name almost any objective and expected outcome along sustainable development advocacies, Kapitan Nono has it already in-place right in his own barangay. His organizing of sectors and people as partners in barangay development process knows no end.

“People empowerment is the heart of our service. Even if we have the resources, and without people participation and cooperation barangay development is meaningless,” he says.

For years, he has been pushing integrated and comprehensive development in Visayan Village in networking, collaboration and couterparting approaches dovetailing with local and national government agencies and tapping the bayanihan and volunterism of the barangay people, always with the end view of realizing people empowerment as a bedrock of genuine barangay development.

Under still limited barangay resources, he infused, for instance, a barangay funding counterpart to the fund of city government to a people-identified drainage project    which people in a purok did through a bayanihan. There’s that collective effort and common ownership and responsibility of the project.

In allocating the budget for human development from the P11.1-millon income of the barangay, Kapitan Nono spreads this across the 72 puroks through the purok organizations and sectors he organized like the purok councils of women under a barangay federation umbrella, senior citizens, overseas Filipino workers (OFW) beneficiaries, differently-abled persons and even the gays  udner their Viviga (Visayan Village Gays Association), among others,  as partners of barangay development and components in making the barangay presence felt in sectoral ways by its 36,000 population.

By his fresh mandate, he’s set to continue what he started and achieve more stellar feats for the barangay people like launching more intensively infrastructure projects, continuing improvement works for day care centers, scholarship programs for high school students, skills trainings with Tesda, barangay employment service and job fairs, barangay computerization and databanking, computer and other gadget donations and internet connection to the 3 schools in the barangay, support to the Alternative Learning School (ALS), medical missions, kasalan ng barangay with free food   in barangay gym, Balanghay Festival, solid waste management, nutrition program, non-doleout financial assistance for microlending, bigasan store, “1 Product, 1 Purok” which has now 43 puroks organized to come up one product for each as livelihood activity of  the council of women.

For Kapitan Nono, serving the barangay is tiresome. But at the end of each day, one’s lost energy is replenished by the thought of having served  fellowmen right with the grassroots in the barangay.  (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)




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