Scamming “developer” (Part II)

Oct 28-nov 3, 2010


By Fe Claire TM Honor

My texting bubuwet says that the 10 Tagum landowners duped by the racketeering “developer” should bear all the blame for being so ignoramus to the obvious machinations of the “developer” given the MOA that favors more the latter. Estimate has it that the con artist got about P18 million from them, from Tagum City. This con man duped  the landowners who are ex-congressman, lawyer, a CIDG man, doctor and known to belong in the few landed gentry in Tagum City. This man boasting his firm with Ventures name accordingly has already the record of being involved in large-scale dubious housing/ raw lots selling in Davao City which already collapsed sometime and victimized lots of lot buyers. He was said to have “launder” his millions to Cebu, Gensan and Cag. de Oro  cities (in the word of that one ignoramus landowner victim), and the ignoramus landowner thought that the glib-talker “developer” has some kind of hipnotismo when talking to his victims.




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