RDR: “moral support” only for barangay bets

Sept. 23-29, 2010


by Cha Monforte

Desiderata- ex-PCL president and Kapalong Councilor Helario “Larry” Caminero has also his own story to tell. We heard that the councilor is now the executive director of the national Philippine Legislative Academy (PLA). Is he just too busy in Manila that he could not respond to our queries about the controversial PCL election in Davao del Norte? Since Boardmember Alan Dujali evidently chose the path of least resistance, we could not belabor further. Also, was Caminero’s defeat a blessing in disguise that he was offered of the PLA post immediately right after PCL election? But pity BM Dujali, who obviously is soaked in his own dilemma of whether letting loose revelations that at press time he failed to substantiate with public announcement. Seems there’s more bark than bite in his inquisitive forays after he riled about alleged vote buying that indefinitely stigmatizes now the PCL election.

Let’s put it clear- It’s BM Dujali who started it all when he suddenly delivered his privilege speech just when everybody was just  obviously content to be murmuring in the corners right after the PCL election. But since he stood, everybody listened and, by his words, became hopeful with the thinking that alas there was someone, a public official at that, who stood for something and not for nothing. He did the verbalizing what has been talked about in the corners just loud and clear in an august session hall of Davao del Norte’s Sangguniang Panlalawigan. In the next session, Boardmember Janet Gavina made a counter to Dujali’s speech telling the latter that he was just sour graping, among others, and obviously belittling the sincerity of his words when he stood on the floor. Obviously, BM Gavina stood motivated like any mother bound to defend his son from Dujali’s serious charge on “envelopmental politics”. (It was like Tita senior BM Shirley Belen Aala who defended his son now Tagum City Councilor Tristan Royce in the run up to the last May polls). And the rest is perhaps history until Dujali’s next move. The ball is still in him.

But there’s a Valley & City Chronicle source who says there was a backroom negoatiation for BM Dujali not to proceed in his privilege speech, that would accordingly “aggravate the clash of two parties” and start a “true and true counting of who are really Lakas councilors and Liberal Party councilors, including those in the provincial board for that matter.” Our highly placed source said that the possible ensuing scenario is the reduction of the LP councilors, who comprise a narrow majority from all legislative halls in the province right after the last May polls. And he says this would ultimately be disadvantageous to the LP and to Governor RDR, so transparent in the public eyes. Was the source talking of the scenario of RDR becoming a lameduck governor? It’s another tall order though to reduce the grand political stature of a governor who has been the longest reigning great politician now in Davao del Norte including Comval after the death of Cong./Gov. Prospero Amatong. Gov. RDR has long been a great politician with his reign antedating back to the time of late Cong. Enchiong Sarmiento.

But the governor has already intimated in an interview that in the forthcoming barangay election he would have his hands off from it. He said he would just let the people decide whom to vote and wished that good barangay officials would come as the victors and not the bad ones. Last week he clarified about his calling of District 1 mayors before the PCL election saying that it was meant to consult them whom to vote for. He bared that for the barangay election he would “only give moral support” lest “it may trigger again the same situation” obviously referring to what happened to the PCL election. That after he called for a meeting with the District 1 mayors days before the August 13 PCL election. The mayors called for Caminero’s reelection, and so they all endorsed Caminero in that meeting. But heard from the governor last week that he would be leaving again to US to be with the side of his son Cong. Anthony del Rosario during the start of his cell stem transplant possibly by mid October. And by that, it means he would be out of the country during the Oct. 25 barangay election. This means that  Vice Gov. Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr, who would again become the acting governor by that time, would be entertaining all the requests of pro-RDR incumbent barangay captains and officials in the days so close to the barangay polls.  Will the governor leave something to the vice gov to parry the deluge of electoral requests before he enplanes to Calif?

BLOGS AND BITS: Heard from a good source (since at press time chief of staff Raffy “RGR” del Rosario is travelling in Europe with his mom, Madam Inday for a homage) that Cong. AGR has inherited unused congressional pork barrel budget of ex-Cong. Arrel Olano. Well, the congressman’s staff are now going to the barangays to beat the barangay election ban, getting necessary documentary requirements and making field preparations for the release of P1 million each for all barangays. For now, Olano’s unused congressional fund plus a new initial congressional fund though are only limited for the first 5 barangays in all of the 5 towns and Tagum City in District 1, the source said. This shows that Cong. AGR is working while he’s on final treatment of his hodgkin lymphoma cancer that the governor said lately has already vanished.

There’s one media group in Tagum City- the so-called National Press Club- Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley Chapter which is reportedly accessing fund from the provincial government, something like P50K, purportedly for the October press freedom month celebration. The governor is better advised not to- pending consultations of other media groups. The group isn’t only the media group that exists outta here. Their project proposal (PP) was done without consultations with other media groups and it was not a collective product of all media groups around. We learned that that so-called press club is run and controlled only by three people belonging to the same radio outfit, and they still have to account with the funds they accessed from DavNor PG last year. Who knows all the media groups, newspapers and working media men were included in their PP document to fatten it? There’s no transparency at all on the financial transaction of that so-called press club, which never issued a statement condemning the killings reporters and mediamen in the region. The few controlling officials of that so-called press club had released late the prizes of  inter-ball games with the media sponsored by the PG last year. The prizes were due to the participating mediamen, and complaining game participants said it would not have been released had they not complained so much about the delay. But then they just received the amount determined  at the discretion alone of the few controlling officers of that so-called press club. Caution also goes to the DavNor PG head info officer Noel Baguio who seems to be putting the governor in a bad light when he lobbies for the PP approval of that so-called press club of the 3 naughty mosquiteers. The other media groups and mediamen just want their transparency. They have not even been transparent about that they had submitted a PP to the gov intended for all local mediamen. As an FM stinger cries out, “ay, ambooot!”.

The Schools Division Press Conference in Davao del Norte will be held Oct. 8-10 at New Corella National High School. This is a yearly journalism contest of HS and ES campus journalists in the province.(e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)


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