Public auction of properties shows our political will – CBO Briz

Oct 14-20, 2010

Tagum City budget officer Dean Briz said that public auction of tax-delinquent real properties just shows the political will of Mayor Rey Uy’s administration in just implementing what has been mandated by law.

The public auction of over 100 identified tax-delinquent properties by the city government was set on October 14 and 15. It is the second auction following last year’s public auction.

Briz said that the public auction, which is one of the mandates of local government units (LGUs)under the local government code, has resulted to increases of tax payments of many tax-delinquent taxpayers in the city.

The budget officer added that city’s real property tax (RPT) collections shot up to unprecedented levels since last year’s public auction.

Under the law, in the public auction made by an LGU buyers can buy the properties auctioned but landowners have the right to redemption within one-year by paying the delinquent taxes due to the properties. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)



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