Panabo Mayor Silvosa working for P200-M public port in Panabo

Oct 7-13, 2010

Passengers to take only 12 minutes to reach Davao City from Panabo port

Panabo Mayor Jose Silvosa Sr is presently working for the establishment of a multipurpose public port in Panabo City that, among others, could become a passengers’ port for 12-minute searide in going to and fro Davao City.

“As of now, there’s an ongoing plan preparation for it and we’re still getting permits from Philippine Port Authority and other national government agencies,” he said.

Mayor Silvosa added that they have already identified a public domain area for the public port at San Pedro village and as initially estimated the project needs about P200 million.

He said that given the huge resources the plan that the entails the approach in realizing it would be progressive.

Currently, Panabo has two private ports owned by Tadeco and Dole Philippines. The ports are being used for the shipment of bananas for abroad.

The plan has ignited massive enthusiasm from the people across since the Tibungco and Panacan areas in the Panabo City-Davao City highway section have long become a traffic bottleneck, resulting to a long one-hour land travel, said city administrator Nemesio Rasgo.

He said that in fact the mayor has already received a proposal from the operator of the fast seacraft now taking passengers from Lupon, Davao Oriental to Davao City.

He said that the fast seacraft taking an alternative route by the Davao Gulf could only take passengers “about 12 minutes” to reach Davao City from Panabo City.

“But for now we’re still securing permits for the public port, which can be done through a tourism port with marine facilities,” Rasgo added relaying initial talks with PPA officials. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)




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