Oyo is my next mayor- Cee O

Oct 21-27, 2010

By Cha Monforte

Tagum City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy has confirmed that his son No. 1 Councilor De Carlo “Oyo” Uy is “definitely” the man whom he wants to succeed him once he exits as a city mayor by 2013.

“Definitely siya akong padaganon!” he strongly said Monday at the City Budget Office in Sangguniang Panglungsod Building when asked if he is grooming Oyo to be the next mayor of Tagum City.

Tagum City Councilor Oyo Uy

The City Budget Office handled by Dean Briz is known “governance warroom” cum habitue-forum room of Mayor Uy with his trusted lieutenants in the executive department and councilors especially Mondays before he proceeds to his office in the main building.

Asked on whom he prefers this early to run for vice mayor in tandem with Oyo, he said “that’s still a secret”.

The third-termer mayor gave allegorical answers and hints visibly running to and fro along a plane of options for his next political career.

On the possibility of him running for vice mayor as he graduates his third term by 2013, he said in gist, “may man ug Duterte ko”.

On his possible gunning for the gubernatorship, he first answered: “It will come. Ah, wala pa (none yet), I still have to continue doing the thing (of serving).”

But on the next breath, he said: “Wa man koy agenda sa province. Pwede man ko magsibilyan. Wa na sa akong bukabularyo nga way eleksyon nga palabyon nga di modagan. (I have no agenda for the province. It’s not in my vocabulary of running without a miss in every election). I’m not that stupid.”

On the scenario of having him tangle with the current second-termer Governor Rodolfo del Rosario by 2013 polls, the mayor waxed allegorical saying, “kabalo ko sa kusog nga sulog sa tubig, magpaanod-anod lang ko sa tubig (I know the strong water current. I’ll just have myself float with it).”

“We have to persevere doing all things that at the end of the day the people will not forget us,” he added.

“I’m preparing to become a civilian again. I’m most happy when people would call me, mayor dire ta mamahaw (mayor, you’ll have a breakfast with us in our home). You should know when to stop.”

But when pressed further if third-termer Councilor Mylene Baura could be a possible vice mayoral tandem of Councilor Oyo, he said, “that I can’t answer yet.”

He also opined that the governor seems to have already gone tired of politics by his age and after serving his long successful political career spanning four decades.

“Gikapoy na yata si Gov, maybe to him enough is enough,” said Mayor Uy apparently describing the time’s peak of public service that the 76-year-old governor has at present.

With the mayor’s varying answers and with the District 1 congressional post not commented on, pundits said they are hard-pressed not to make a new guessing game. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)




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