On the proposed breaking of Daneco into two electric coops: Gov. Uy says “better”, Mayor Uy: “well and good”

Oct 21-27, 2010

Compostela Valley Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy said that the proposal of breaking the Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative (Daneco) into two electric cooperative is a “better” option as through it each management could have a “focus” in managing smaller service areas.

His younger brother Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy, on the other hand in separate interview, said “well and good to be manageable”.

The mayor said that the concern over the breaking up of Daneco is the possibility that it could not be economically feasible.

He said that if such is the reasoning then the sari-sari store could not have lasted doing business anymore.

“Nganong ang sari-sari store mokita man, kana pa?” he asked to underscore Daneco’s big business of selling power.

On the other hand, Daneco board president Dean Briz said that the proposal of dividing Daneco per province is already in the board of directors’s ad hoc commitee after it had been unacted before by a commitee chaired by director Dr. Roberto Alam.

He said that he learned in his recent talk with Gov. Uy that the latter was at first hesitant to the proposal on the reason that two broken up electric cooperatives would not become “self-supporting”.

Briz said that of late the governor entertained the idea since it can potentially give focus and easier way of managing smaller service areas.

Compostela Valley province, for one, has good mining industry that greatly consumes Daneco’s power, he said.

“Whle Tagum City consumes about 43 percent of Daneco’s power, Comval has now many big industrial users such as the plantas (carbon-in-pulp cyanidation plants),” Briz said.

A planta consumes power equivalent to demand of 1,000 households, he added.

“I’m also open to that proposal. We’re not selfish, we’re open to share for good,” he said even as he noted that at present Daneco needs “an overhaul”.

Earlier, Comval mayors led by Laak mayor and mayors’ league president Rey Navarro have expressed interest to divide Daneco into two units with one carved-out Compostela Valley Electric Cooperative (Comvaleco) serving their own province.

The mayors have already commissioned experts to make feasibility study on the proposal.

Earlier, Daneco deputy manager Engr. Felix Hibionada said that throughout the country it is only Daneco now which remains to service two provinces in so wide service area, even as other erstwhile big electric cooperatives had long been broken up per province. (cha monforte)



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