Old Gonzaga vs. Jampayas political rift opens anew in Mawab town

Oct 21-27, 2010

With the barangay polls

By Cha Monforte

MAWAB- The old political wound has opened up again breaking the four-year temporary alliance between the then politically warring two clans of the Jampayas and Gonzaga with the onset of the barangay election fever.

“Sila ang nanguna ug butang ug kontra sa amo. (They made the first move of putting rivals to us),” said reelectionist poblacion barangay captain Ruperto “Rupet” Gonzaga III.

Asked on the score of the existing Gonzaga-Jampayas political alliance, he said, “plastikan na man gyud ni (It’s now superficial).”

Rupet is now running rivaled by

former three-term councilor Jojo Esuerte, a known political protege of Mayor Evalina Jampayas and her husband ex-Mayor Samuel Jampayas.

At press time, the Valley & City Chronicle has yet to reach Mayor Jampayas for comments on Gonzaga’s charge.

Gonzaga said that across barangays in town Jampayas has put up rivals of known Gonzaga leaders.

He added that he is even baffled in some barangays that the Jampayas are supporitng other barangay candidates pitting their own known leaders.

Mayor Jampayas, a physician, is serving has his second term now with Vice Mayor Ruprio “Binggot” Gonzaga, whom she had allied in tandem for the past two municipal elections in symbolic alliance of the two families which were warring elections after elections since the 70s as began by their respective patriachs who had their days respectively holding the reins of municipal power.

Before the 2010 elections their political rift would have opened up wide open had ex-Mayor Samuel Jampayas made a mayoral comeback by assuming the bid for second term of the current mayor.

The Gonzagas, it was said, are just convenient and amenable for Evalina to hold sway the mayorship than for Samuel to go back to it.

The alliance agreement of the two political families would seem to have a provision that after Evalina’s third term by 2016, the Gonzagas would then have their turn for the mayorship in town.

Evalina’s first term came following the graduation of Samuel from his straight three terms ending in 2007.

But in the last May polls, the rift already emerged albiet covertly when the Jampayas supported their “Three Kings” while the Gonzagas had their “Big Three” out of the running independent councilors.

Sources said that, while the present mayor and vice mayor ran in tandem in one slate under provincial political aggrupation Uswag Comval led by Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy and District 2 Congressman Rommel “Bobong” Amatong, Jampayas supported independent bets Rolando Milaran, Charlita Sacayan and Joseph Arvin Garillos while the Gonzagas supported independent bets Bernardo Estoista, Danilo Dapat and Ronaldo Ampe.

Only Garillos of the Jampayas did not manage to place in the Top 8 councilors.

If ex-Mayor Samuel will take the third term of his wife Mayor Evalina, the scenario is for the present second-termer Boardmember Atty. Ruwel Peter Gonzaga to fight for mayorship by 2013 polls against Samuel, pundits said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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