Mayor Brillantes wish: a brgy captain as next Monkayo mayor

Oct 7-13, 2010

Last-termer Monkayo Mayor Manuel “Jun-Jun” Brillantes Jr is training his sight over the prospect that the next town mayor who would follow him by 2013 would be her own sister Janet Brillantes-Diel, who is the present barangay captain of Olaycon and the current ABC municipal president.

Monkayo Mayor Manuel "Jun-jun" Brillantes Jr

In an exclusive interview with the Valley & City Chronicle, he said that Diel has already a capable leadership who can continue the developments that he has been making since 2004 when he first ran and won as the mayor of the municipality that hosts the gold-rich and votes-rich Mt. Diwalwal.

He said that he is also focusing now on providing sustainable livelihood projects and social services for the people besides continuously putting in place infrastructures and policies that could drum up economic activities in his municipality.

“Monkayo now has the most number of gasoline stations throughout the province,” he said in apparently describing the comparative economic standing of Monkayo.

At the latest count, the town has eight competing gasoline stations. The capital town of Nabunturan has only six gasoline stations.

In his third term now, the mayor stands to have fattened municipal coffers with P185 million income by 2011 from P85 million when he assumed his first term in 2004.

As to his political career given that he is now on his last term, Mayor Brillantes said that he is more inclined to be in “private life”, “to go in full-time business.”

Asked for possible higher offices to vie for like to be in Congress, he said, “basig moabot ra na” referring to a political decision that is still so faraway from the present.

He also recalled that the defeated congressional bet and ex-police officer Cesar Mancao was advised earlier before the filing of the certificate of candidacy in the last May polls to instead gun for an assured boardmember’s post.

Mancao could have been enjoying a national limelight while being already boardmember, bringing the name of the province, he said.

In big margin of votes, Mancao was defeated by now District 1 Congresswoman Maricar Zamora-Apsay.

A report said that Mancao wanted for a return bout with Apsay by 2013.

Asked on his guess on last-termer Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya, the mayor said he “could not yet read” the next political move of the vice governor this early.

Meantime and now, Mayor Brillantes continues to govern. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


One Response to “Mayor Brillantes wish: a brgy captain as next Monkayo mayor”

  1. florentino mailed brillantes, jr. Says:

    mayor manuel”jun”brillantes, congrats for a very good job well done in ur municipality, ihope and pray that the next mayor of Monkayo will do the same and/or more better and progressive town, and much more if the next mayor will be the abc president. gd luck and god bless.

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