Log Cabin high graders

Oct 7-13, 2010


By Fe Claire TM Honor

The former Mainit National Park, now a Protected Landscape, of Barangays Bukal and Mainit in Nabunturan has long been mined for sometime. It is there where the known Log Cabin is located. The Log Cabin in the Marcosian 70s was so cool and nature-struck swimming spot of the past unspoiled Mainit tourist spot. My bubuwets say that first early this year a miner struck a rich gold vein in the Log Cabin mining area (which is behind the first smaller mountain before the high-altitude mountains of the Protected Landscape), making him so rich that he doled out a lot of P500 to all asking and soliciting people. How he was hailed as a benevolent miner, a giver. Now the gold of his tunnel is disappearing. But my bubuwets say that at present there are three other miners and their corpos that have struck gold-rich veins- one the purok tsirman, and the two with a family names beginning letters G and N. The three had claims over the areas mined since they had planted fruits there a long time ago and they seem to be the “landowners” in the areas within the Protected Landscape which is not disposable anyway.





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