La Filipina: from clumsy tombs to memorial park

Oct 28-nov 3, 2010

The La Filipina public cemetery is definitely another good landmark of Tagum City as it is now almost a memorial park from what it had before of having tombs in clumsy tranfigurations formed in time since its establishment as earliest as the city was founded by intrepid pioneers in the 30s.

But the oldest public cemetery has only had great facelift under various terms of City Mayor Rey Uy.

The mayor started rehabilitating the city’s oldest public cemetery and invested over P20 million to make the La Filipina burial grounds beautiful and become like a memorial park. Old and clumsily-laid tombs amidst bushes and grasses before were bulldozed and bones of about 20,000 deads were transferred to new layered niches.

With the maximized land due to continuing rehabilitation works until todate, city authorities said that La Filipina’s interment spaces could still last up to 20 years taking into consideration a burgeoning city population and consequently higher mortality count.

When all the roads of most Tagumenyos will lead to La Filipina this All Saints Day and All souls Day, like in the previous years, guns, liquor and noisy sound system are banned inside it.

“We only celebrate this once in year, when we have family bonding with our departed ones, so we shall make All Souls Day a solemn celebration. It’s only 1 day of the 365 days in a year,” said Mayor Uy in an interview.

He said he observed that with the yearly ban on guns, liquor and noisy sound system La Filipina cemetery has become a serene place of family bonding giving fine moments for family members to remember their beloved departed.

He said that the chaotic situation of the La Filipino before has been reversed while private cemeteries become what La Filipina was before every All Souls Day celebration.

He said videoke, discos and drinking have clearly spoiled the solemnity of the once-in-a-year All Souls Day celebration. “Nganong mag-videoke man gyud nga naa may daghang videokehan?”

The mayor also said that at presstime “it’s all set” for the celebration as the city police including traffic units and police auxiliaries are already prepared to maintain peace and order in all public and private cemeteries. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)



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