Kapitan Roy Vicilla Jr wins, unhounded by dog-chase black propa issue

NOV. 4-10, 2010

Now second-termer Kapitan Roy Vicilla Jr of Barangay San Vicente, Panabo City says he is not hounded at all by the dog-chase issue thrown to destroy him in the last barangay polls.

He said in vernacular that his villagemates know  him so well, “wa koy gi-agrabyado sa ila” and they know him to be a Catholic lay minister and his wife Marydel.

His rival’s black propaganda issue came loudly barking at his person when he was charged that he has his pet dog unchained and let loose to chase baryuhanons who came to knock his house door for assistance.

“I just responded the issue to be not true during my pulong-pulongs in puroks,” Kapitan Roy said.

The issue backfired  to  his rival the soonest as it was fired.

Vicilla has been serving well and good an urban category barangay of Panabo City. He was a one-term yet No. 1 kagawad in 2002 polls and in 2007 he squared off the incumbent kapitan and won his first term.

How he profusely thank now the barangay people for renewing their trust and confidence that resulted to the bigger margin of votes than what he had accomplished to trounce his rival, the ex-barangay captain, in the 2007 polls.

In the recent, he obtained a margin of 1,427 votes from rival’s over 900 votes.

Having a fresh mandate now, Kapitan Roy said he is confident he could launch more  and better barangay services and programs for his people in “most equitable manner across various fields of barangay governance.

He said his policy is always equalizing barangay services for the welfare of his people and development of his barangay.

In rendering services, he said that barangay resources should be equitably shared by the barangay people and their human rights should be respected to realize peace. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)





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