Good morning Room 17 councilors!

Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 2010

Good Week ‘Syano

A meeting did occur last week and it happened that there were many town and city councilors present.

After the Bayang Magiliw and the prayer were rendered, the roll call to recognize participants was then  made. The venue of the meeting was a good hotel in the city. A comic relief happened when two hotel janitors who were sweeping the floor of the venue were directing against each other to proceed to one room of the hotel. One said “dire ra ko manilhig, ayaw direg uban nako didto ka sa Room 17”… But just when he uttered the number of the room the female facilitator was just through with the roll call and greeted Good Morning my dear…. councilors! Just when she uttered and elongated the word dear…. insert the voice of the janitor… Room 17… So the net result overheard in the hall was- “Good Morning ‘Room 17’ councilors!”- Al Rosero


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