Good evening Room 17 councilors!

Oct 14-20, 2010


A tall, dark and handsome councilor from a northern area was struck when a receptionist of a fine hotel in the city immediately asked him on arrival if he was checking in with his lady companion in Room 17. It was 8 PM last week that the councilor arrived in the hotel and parked his volkswagen infront of one of the rooms in the ground level. “OK Miss, I miss that Room 17 so crazy,” said the councilor pointing the nearby room he wanted. “Ha? why miss? You mean you have already brought someone here?” his female companion asked protesting. “Don’t ask me that question,” replied the councilor. “I have the right to demand an answer from you!” replied his lady with a raised voice. “Wa ka ba kahibalo nga kanang gisuot nimo nga kwentas nga tag P20,000 gikan na diha!” the councilor blurted out. “Ha? You mean di to gikan sa imong sweldo?” “Aw di man ko kahatag ana nga kantidad sa imo Gorya kung di gikan sa oder sourcing nako atong Agosto 13. Patay malisya na lang diha, tara na!” said the councilor. “Nalimtan ninyo ang yabe sa Room 17 councilor, sir, mam,” the hotel receptionist raced to call them. Watta pulp fiction. –  Al Rosero




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