Dujali chickens out

Sept. 23-29, 2010

But says he reserves his speech in time for approaching barangay election

Boardmember Alan Dujali appeared to have chickened out from rendering his promised privilege speech as he did not avail the privilege hour last Monday’s 11th regular session of the Davao del Norte’s Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

But minutes after, asked in text message, while he was attending the session, he said in reply text message: “I have my privilege speech at my possession. I still have to deliver it in the right time especially when the barangay election is approaching to remind these operators that the fight for clean and honest election is not yet over”.

He voluntarily gave a copy of his draft privilege speech to the Valley & City Chronicle through his female staffer.

Dujali’s draft speech, it appeared, has none of the character of being explosive as it did not contain what would run along what he was earlier quoted of that he had “documented what they did” about the alleged vote-buying that preluded in the election of provincial officers for the Philippine Councilors League-Davao del Norte last August 13 at the Lakan Place’s Hotel. He also earlier said that “it was a bastardization of the PCL I came from”.

He was the PCL provincial president serving as ex-officio boardmember for the years 2001 to 2004 while serving as Panabo city councilor.

In his draft speech pundits described as “watered down”, Dujali did not specifically name Boardmember Janet Gavina who three sessions ago questioned and belittled Dujali for “sour graping” for rendering a privilege speech four days after the PCL election.

Gavina obviously came to the defense of his son PCL president and Boardmember Janrey Gavina.

Dujali raised there was “envelopmental politics” in the councilors’ election of provincial officers.

A portion of Dujali’s draft privilege speech exclusively given to the Valley & City Chronicle states: “What I am against Mr. President is not on the candidates per se, but to the process… how the campaign was conducted by these operators or campaign managers… Mr. President, I am a sinner but one thing’s sure, vote buying is not one of the sins I’ve committed.”

“The issue at hand is envelopmental politics. By discussing this problem, maybe a thorough deliberation, we can come up with a better solution,”another part of Dujali’s draft speech stated.

The young Gavina earlier denied he engaged in vote buying to win and get his post.

Asked to comment that Dujali voluntarily gave a copy of his draft privilege sppech to the media, Gavina in text message said that there was nothing to reply to as Dujali did not to make render his privilege speech.

In an interview,  Governor Rodolfo del Rosario Monday last week in his post PCL election commentary said, “di na dapat politikahin ang selection of councilors” citing that the PCL is just a fellowship club of councilors and councilors would be better left to decide on their own.

Defeated ex-PCL president and Kapalong Councilor Helario Caminero did not reply to the request for comments of the Valley & City Chronicle.

Caminero’s is though seen writing a column again in another weekly and opining other matters and never touching about the PCL election where he was defeated by Boardmember Janrey Gavina by only two votes. (RUN/cha monforte)



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