Dear few SK voters


By Cha Monforte

Candidates for the barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections by now are hitting the ground campaigning. It is unfortunate as I noted of a so dismally few number of registered youth voters for the SK election. In Tagum City, there are only 2,250 youth voters who registered and who can cast votes for their SK candidates. A barangay in fact has only 21 SK voters while so few barangays reach to have over 100 SK votes. This is a phenomenon, and this Tagum’s SK number might as well speak for all voting areas throughout our provinces. Come to think it: SK presidents and kagawads getting elected by the scarciest minority of the youths. The earlier proposition of abolishing the SK is being vouched by a few number of SK voters we have now for the upcoming polls. The youths now are turning so apolitical. Where are they now? If they’re not facebooking, playing online games, drinking RH or Tandy, they’re into other gimiks. But blessed maybe are the few SK voters as they’re vulnerable to vote-buying of scheming fathers and mothers of SK chairman candidates. Hinaut unta di mo magpa highest bidder ha?

There’s a rise of crimes against persons in towns where there’s bullish mining activity. Take Comval’s capital town, Nabunturan or even Pantukan (we have so long been immune to Diwalwal’s noted crimes vs. persons). The chief executives and police of these towns must take special crime prevention and detection oplans for this rising mining-related crimes against persons. Usually, it’s the betrayal in gold or money sharing or treacheries underground or in partnership that has been the motive why miners cut against each other’s throats. Paging Nabunturan Mayor Romy Clarin and Pantukan Mayor JC Celso “Tok” Sarenas and Comval provincial police director PSSupt. Aaron Aquino.

Davao del Norte is blessed when the healing priest Fr. Fernando Suarez went to Sto. Nino Church in Panabo City last Tuesday for healing session. It was through the sponsorship of the Floirendo family, owners of Tadeco business conglomerate. I went there and saw miracles happening to sick, ill persons, paralytics and others in need of divine healing. There were about 5,000 persons who flocked in to witness or ask for a healing by the gifted Fr. Suarez. Seen to have attended the healing session were former Cong. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo and his wife former Ms. Universe Margie Moran-Floirendo, Cong. Anton Lagdameo, youngest Floirendo sibling Vincent Floirendo, who made a testimony he was healed of his illness, Panabo Mayor Jose Silvosa Sr., Boardmember Daniel Lu, senior Boardmember and current Acting Vice Governor Shirley Belen Aala, who went ahead after her row’s turn for the healing; businessmen, city councilors and barangay officials. In everything, there’s a season, there’s a time to get sick, there’s a time to be healed.

BLOGS AND BITS: Got a brief chance to make an ambush interview with Cong. Lagdameo on political prospects after the barangay polls, he said with his usual grin: “O, relax lang muna”. He left and joined the group of Mayor Silvosa outside the Church premises. Later, the congressman went inside the Church and still a later after, we saw him going out and with a visibly subdued thankful yell we heard him, “I’m healed!I’m healed!”.

A celebration of sort for the press freedom month with journalism and radio broadcasting seminars and a talk with ex-Sec. Jess Dureza will be held next week. It’s now under the aegis of the provincial info office and the Philippine Information Agency (PIA). Hope no honorarium would be given to PIA pepol for the inputs as they are also government men. But the best hope is for the PIA to edit its online news e-mailed by info pepols from LGUs and national government agencies. PIA laziness? The news from Tagum and Panabo LGUs, while so scarce, is so raw with the twisted English and news   structure (Nards might as well be inside Bananoy). The 5 Wives and 1 Husband or KUKANG in the inverted Xmas tree, pls. Pardon the above and pardon the slips of Sarx Lanos, the Mandaya info newshound who emails a diary of free photos (tnx bro, continue the emailing, never mind the price, you’re a good info now like CJ of Kapalong LGU info and the Comval IDS pepol. Been there).

Talking of healing, I’m sharing this story I’ve written about the life and ways of friend pastor- Reverend Silfred Alingayao.

The healing ways of Reverend Silfred Alingayao: The healing ways of Reverend Pastor Silfred Alingayao is founded on the principles of physical therapy, western and alternative medicines, and on continually seeking for Divine care and blessing.

Rev. Silfred Alingayao is a University of the Philippines-Diliman graduate of the course Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 1986. He was a university scholar. While still a college student, during off-school season he immersed in community service works particularly engaging as volunteer physical therapist of a group of Singaporeans doing medical missions in various parts of the country. From 1986 to 1988 he studied further in University of Berlin in Luxemburg, Berlin on therapeulogy and physiology. After getting expertise on these courses from Berlin, he went back serving again as physical therapist with the missionary group of Singaporeans from 1989 to 1991, and after which went back to his hometown in Ipil, Zamboanga del Sur.

In his hometown he started his own physical therapy and healing clinic under spiritual aegis of an evangelical Church of God. Starting from his engagements with the Singaporeans, he had then been doing physical therapy sessions treating tens of thousands of people. In 1991, in his ministry as a reverend of the Church of God, he moved for a time to treat people in Talacogon, Agusan del Norte. It was in this year and this place that Rev. Silfred was surprised to know that even if he had massaged 100 patients already in day he was still vibrant and energetic, not physically exhausted after the healing session.

In his healing ways, he ardently believe on the Divine powers of the Almighty God, and that the all-loving and -provider God in His perfect and wondrous ways will give a few a healing gift to treat and help fellow men. Rev. Silfred’s brother in law who is a military man, professed that in one of his healing sessions in Talacogon he saw a shaft of light from above casting down to Rev. Silfred who was then busy treating an ill patient.

“I don’t know of the light that cast down on me, but I

truly believe in Him, I believe that the gift started there and I always thank Almighty God for it so I could continue helping people,” said Rev. Silfred, who is still treating at present an average of 100 persons in a scheduled day. Every Saturday in Asuncion, Davao del Norte. He averages 100 patients in a scheduled day of therapeutic session. He stops doing massage for only about 10 minutes to take his lunch and goes back in his physical therapy sessions. Occasionally, when patients come in droves, Rev. Silfred would treat reaching to 200 persons in a day and he is still energetic afterwards.

While doing massage, he keeps conversing with the patient, asking what troubles him and where his pains are and at the same time advising and explaining the patient under session. Rev. Silfred recommends over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and alternative and herbal medicines, concoctions out of known medicinal plants like sambongs and fruits to take, and on case-to-case basis, refers his patients for medical examinations and diagnoses such as X-rays, CT scans and the like, to go to the doctor or hospital.

Already, tens of thousands of Rev. Silfred’s patients have been cured of their illnesses and pains. A many terminally ill cancer patients as declared by the doctors have been completely healed by Rev. Silfred. Among whom are a policeman having a terminal liver ailment, a nurse working in Riyadh having breast cancer, a patient already in wheelchair due turassic lumbar, a patient having slip disc problem. They are all cured now. Many people in wheelchair can now walk.

At present, Rev. Silfred has schedules on his healing sessions in his therapeutic and wellness clinics at Aldevinco arcade in Davao City, Gamao Building in Panabo City, at Mango Avenue in Cebu City and in his base in Asuncion town, Davao del Norte.





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