Councilor Nickel Suaybaguio says “well and good” to SP’s OK of housing code

Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 2010

“Well and good,” said second-termer Tagum City Councilor Nicandro “Nickel” Suaybaguio Jr following the automatic approval by lapse of the 30-day reglamentary period to his pet measure during his first term, the City Ordinance No. 370, otherwise known as the “Housing Code of the City of Tagum” only in last Monday’s session.

The measure dragged on for nine months after it reached the Sangguniang Panlalawigan last January.

It was approved by the previous city council on December 29, 2009 by votes of eight present councilors.

Asked about the unconstitutional provisions of his measure as found out by the Provincial Legal Office, Councilor Suaybaguio said that it is just fine to him to to receive and respond to legal opinion, which he still has to receive when the SP-confirmed code would be transmitted to the city legislative department.

“May national law man gud nga dili applicable to local situation,” he said.

He said that one of the unique provision of the code is the setting up of 10-meter road right of way (RROW) as the minimum standard to be implemented in all subdivision projects in the city.

Batas Pambansa 220 on socialized housing projects requires only a minimum of 6.5-meter secondary RROW.

But he said that even before the approval of his measure the city government as directed by Mayor Rey Uy has since been regulating new subdivision and housing projects by enforcing the minimum 10-meter RROW in all roads within the subdivision.

He said that with the policy new subdivision projects such as the Jeth Subdivision and Bates Subdivision have instead experienced good sales of their units since buyers found out a spacious character of the subdivision projects.

What happened, he added, is that car owners living in subdivisions use the road spaces as their parking areas which further narrow down the roads of the old subdivisions in the city.

The ordinance spells out the city government housing polices and thrusts.

Among its pertinent provisions are the creation of the Tagum City Housing Board, City Housing Section (CHS), criteria for beneficiaries of the city sociaized housing program, housing program strategies, relocation and resettlement program and strategies, eviction and demolition policy, gudelines in the approval of subdivision plans and building designs, technical guidelines and standards for subdivision, simultaneous application for permits for preliminary approval and locational clearance (PALC) and development permits (DP), technical guidelines and standards for subdivision, creation of task force on housing, resettlement and anti-squatting, guidelines on eviction and demolition activities, joint-venture socialized housing projects between the city government and subdivision developers, and creation of Tagum City socialized housing fund. The code has separatibility, penaly and repealing clauses. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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