Acting Gov. Baby won’t hire and fire Capitol employees

Oct 28-nov 3, 2010

Even if he has power

Davao del Norte Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr said that he still would not hire or fire Capitol employees even he is given a power on this by operations of law.

The vice governor said that out of respect and in deference of Governor Rodolfo del Rosario he should take this position unless otherwise the governor gives the go signal to hire new employees or suspend or dismiss erring employees.

Suaybaguio commented when asked on the matter given that the end of the 30-day period for him to be not allowed to do so as acting governor under the local government code is already near.

Suaybaguio became the acting governor when the governor flew out from the country last October 6.

Section 48 of the local government code provides that the sitting vice governor would automatically assume as acting governor whenever the governor is out of the country and within 30 days from his date of assumption the acting governor has all the powers of the governor except to hire and fire employees.

A Valley & City Chronicle source said the governor will be coming home middle of November, thus expected beyond November 6,  the end of the 30-day period of the lack of power of the acting governor to hire and fire.

The governor is taking his second travel this year in California, United States to be with his son District 1 Congressman Anthony del Rosario who reportedly had succesfully received the stem cell transplant, a transplant involving bone marrow, after he had his initial chemotherapy treatments at the internationally known cancer specialty hospital, the Stanford Cancer Center.

The governor first went to the US last August 14 to Sept. 12 to visit his ailing son.

The congressman, who is on official leave of absence from Congress since before the first day of work of May-elected congressmen, is reportedly now cancer-free.

Suaybaguio has been much talked about his possible assumption next year as a regular governor if Gov. Del Rosario would be appointed by President Benigno Aquino III as a Cabinet member.

The President dropped hints about taking the governor in his Cabinet when he visited Sto. Tomas town last month.

Pundits said that the President might be needing the expertise of the governor in dealing with the controversial Hacienda Luicita case which involves vast tracts of land similar to the case of the peaceful Tadeco which the governor had once managed and protected for a quite long time before until 2007. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)




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