A scamming “developer” (Part I)

Oct 21-27, 2010


By Fe Claire TM Honor

There’s this text msg from my bubuwet that in Tagum City a “real estate developer” has hoodwinked around 10 landowners into putting their lands for housing projects. Include an ex-congressman. The “developer” contracted the landowners promising to bulldoze and develop their lands and bring them millions and millions of pesos. Months later this “developer” could only show professionally-drafted subdivision plans, vicinity and location maps, and other preliminary papers and failed to give the promised downpayment of millions to the landowners. So the landowners have nullified their agreements with him. My bubuwet says the nullification is good to the “developer” since he has already collected millions from initial downpayments and reservation fees of the lot buyers. One landowner said he never has never received even a single centavo from the collection of the “developer” he contracted. Good for that foolish landowner, an ignorant victim-in-waiting as he was earlier warned not to sign the MOA that obviously gives more leeways and advantages to the “developer”. The MOA has full of details that cleverly gives the “developer” a legal defense in case the landowners nga naluto sa sariling mantika would sue him for breach of contract.(to be continued)







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