A Regional story (Part I)

NOV. 4-10, 2010


By Fe Claire TM Honor

The poor interpret and tell straight stories without lies when they are sick or when someone in their family is sick. Two weeks ago, two poor nephews of already deceased lolo, not brought DOA (dead on arrival) at the hospital, made a true confession to one of my bubuwets about the goings on in a regional hospital. To cut first this story, their 65-year old lolo is dead now after spending P300,000 plus in his regional hospitalization. He died obviously with a heavy heart to government doctors and nurses. From the very moment when their ailing lolo arrived in the the hospital for complications of ailments, the nephews said, they were first wondering that it was already past 2 hours that their lolo was just left to lie on bed and untreated. When one of the nephews went to the nurse station to ask why, one doctor said, “hulat lang nong kay kahibalo na mi ana sa iyang sakit” while nurses in the station kept on chatting, laughing among themselves. (To be continued)







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