“All’s well in the Capitol” – Acting Gov. Baby Suaybaguio

Oct 21-27, 2010

“All’s well in the Capitol,” said Acting Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr in an interview with the Valley & City Chronicle.

He said that the state of affairs in the Capitol under his temporary care in view of the current travel of Governor Rodolfo del Rosario in the United States is on its usual normal operations.

He added that he has even called on department heads and provincial employees to double efforts in accomplishing performance targets so that the governor would be elated once he returns home.

On his personal way of handling the governor’s office, he said that he has even “extra careful” in signing papers making sure that each paper which involves disbursement of Capitol’s money has strictly followed the government accounting procedure complete with the due verification and endorsement of the accountant, auditor and others with the required signatures and initials.

“As the governor’s good soldier, I have to follow the policy that he has been enforcing like the current austerity measures where official travels have to be approved only when it is necessary,” he said.

The acting governor said that in easily handling the job of the governor he has drawn in his experience of being the past a mayor of Tagum City for three terms in ten years.

He added that it was that long experience that makes him know well the terrains of work of the chief executive.

For second time this year, the vice governor became acting governor by operations of law last October 6 when Gov. Del Rosario left the country for California to visit his son District 1 Congressman Antonio Rafael del Rosario, who is completing the cancer treatment to finally be out of his hodgkin lymphoma cancer.

The congressman is said to be now on the stem cell transplant stage following initial chemotherapy treatments by the Standford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California.

For this year, the governor first travelled to the US to visit his son last August 14 to September 12.

Meanwhile, on the peace front in the midst of the campaign period for Monday’s election, Acting Gov. Suaybaguio said that provincial police director PSSupt. Jose Pante and military officials have been daily updating him on the peace and order situation and as of presstime not a single election-related violent incident has been reported to him.

“I expect that we’ll have peaceful barangay election on Monday. With it I call on all the barangay candidates and the people to sustain our peace. We’ll always unite as each barangay in our province has project readied by the provincial government for the good of the people,” Suaybaguio said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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