RDR welcomes Vincent’s entry

Sept. 16-22, 2010



By Cha Monforte

The newly-floated RDR’s parlance, government-private partnership, that comes up third in the new thrusts of the Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario for his current second term isn’t really an unsettling reason of concern among the alarmists.I got that view during Monday evening’s interview with him at his Capitol office. The governor’s thinking on the government-private sector partnership doesn’t strictly belongs to the purist sense of the business word partnership, if his Monday’s words were to be the parameter.  Besides that business partnership between the local government and the private sector has still be be worked for long, given the many grey areas and large absence of LGU precedents, and oops with the DBM and COA straightjackets, the governor’s advocacy (I venture to couch his parlance with this term), is now yet about big foreign and domestic capitalists coming in to partner with the provincial government.

The alarmist folks might misconstrue the governor’s third thrust-advocacy. His all-too generic 1st and  2nd thrusts – human development and people empowerment are both doable. These are actually within the domains of the populist and welfare side of governance, that usually play second peddle to the oft-accomplished votes-getting infrastructure projects. The good thing is that the governor in introducing his new three thrusts as focal areas in his second-term administration is making worthy experimentation in trying to come up new best practices for good governance. This might be a flicker that may catch fire and spread like a wildfire, but this can possibly burn bridges along political lines from misinterpretations of those traditionally given the patronage of provincial governance. But not really, since he has also that NOBLE (No Barangay Left Behind) that carts along the P1-million pork barrel of Congresman Anthony del Rosario, promising to give P2 million to every barangay in District 1.

With that skewed funding favoring District 1, the governor should have to allocate more development funds for District 2 along the lines of his three thrusts. By this, he can deliver more political scores and barrel his political clout through the District 2 that has been a traditional bailiwick of former Cong. Tonyboy Floirendo, that district’s political kingpin.

The governor has more leeway “intruding” via his provincial thrusts to the generic Tadeco’s economic-political dominance in District 2, being a provincial governor, of course,  than the former congressman who can only forge temporary alliances with political personages and incumbents at his own business costs. Gov. RDR can have a free ride all over the province, while it’s hard for Cong. Anton Lagdameo to “intrude” in District 1, where his uncle is the political kingpin, without getting political suspicions and for sure COA and DBM flaks if he initiates congressional funded activities.

Back to RDR’s third thrust- government-private partnership. Heard from him that “privatization can come in many forms”.  As to the province’s 2 district hospitals, privatization may come in the form of a “group of doctors” partnering with the provincial government in making better the hospital services. But the governor is still giving chances to the hospitals to improve even while he has been pouring his Philhealth universal coverages to the people in favor to the hospitals. Not now yet. Also, he thought of partnership with the private sector in the scenario of having private businesses and businessmen engaged in environmental projects or agri-business ventures in denuded forestal areas in the province like the denuded strips in Talaingod-Bukidnon road vicinity. Or launch livelihood initiatives for the people with private sector participation. This last rings a bell to the government’s perennial solution- cottage, micro enterprises, that have more guidelines and legal bases than the few success stories they could offer. Again, even joint venture for medium enterprises is a tall order for any LGU to undertake. The bond flotation project, for one, of Nabunturan LGU which asks for private investors is questionable vis-a-vis governmental accounting system. Not, now much more to big enterprises? Questions linger. But I’ll not yet be singing no sad songs for this RDR’s third thrust. Not yet. Let’s just cross the bridge when we’ll get there. But I’m no pessimist to RDR’s experimentation on government-private sector partnership, knowing him to be Don Antonio Floirendo’s right hand man and manager in developing the mega-rich Tadeco banana-based company for quite a long time until that reported family feud close before the 2007 polls.

BLOGS AND BITS: On that Monday evening’s interview, Gov. RDR  has welcomed the planned political entry of the youngest Floirendo siblings, Vincent, who is planning to run as barangay captain in Brgy. Adecor in Kaputian District of IGACOS. He said: “I welcome his coming. It’s about time since the (Floirendo) family has given a lot to the development of Davao del Norte. It’s good that they (Floirendos) would go back  to the province…”. Cut. I just failed to catch his last words, but evidently the governor was referring the return of the Floirendos siblings to the province’s political sphere.   

Another savings-bound infrastructure project that the governor wants to construct is a building at the province-owned land where the provincial engineering component is now based at Igacos. He said the building would serve as a training center of provincial employees and others throughout the region interested to avail its amenities and services. Besides that fees can be collected from the training center as additional income of the provincial government, the PG can save expenses for its HR trainings of employees by making tie-ups with the DILG in forming a training institute peopled by resource persons for various and expertise, he conveyed. For that, RDR’s PG can save a lot.

The Capitol fatso was a no-show last Monday. Or I just didn’t see him around. His fafa seemed to be a media-snub. How onion-skinned of him. No, I first thought that the fatso is a fag. (e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)


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