From PCL, counting of political numbers of Del Rosario, Floirendo shifts to ABC

Sept. 16-22, 2010

The counting of the so-called political numbers in the provincial board loyal to either the most politically influential camps of the Del Rosarios or of Floirendos in Davao del Norte has visibly shifted as to who would be the next provincial president of the Federation of Associations of Barangay Captains (FABC) after the barangay elections.

Following the controversy over vote- buying charges in the election of Philippine Councilors’ League provincial president Janrey Gavina, the FABC post, which has also ex-officio representation to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan comes up front as the next relish lapped up by political pundits as the countdown to the October 25 schedule of the barangay election continues without latest interrupting news from national authorities on whether it would be postponed or cancelled.

This as the news from the office of District 2 Congresman Anton Lagdameo recently came out telling that the youngest in the influential Floirendo family- Vincent Floirendo would certainly be running for barangay chairman, possibly unopposed, in Barangay Adecor in Kaputian District of the Island Garden of Samal. Adecor is the barangay where the Floirendo-owned high-end Pearl Farm tourist resort in Talikud Island is located, and where the youngest Floirendo scion is registered as a Davao del Norte voter.

Lagdameo’s chief of staff Generose Tecson in an earlier report said that Vincent has all the support of former Cong. Tonyboy Floirendo, the acknowledged District 2 political kingpin.

She said that Vincent wanted to follow the footstep of his elder brother Tonyboy, who ultimately became a congressman.

Currently, Vincent is the vice president and a managing director of the banana management conglomerate Antonio Floirendo Corporation (Anflocor).

Pundits speculated that Vincent is ultimately eyeing for the FABC presidency.

Already, Gavina has been considered as the 6th addition to Floirendo’s men in the 13-man provincial board joining with the five regular ones elected under the Lakas party ticket last May polls. They are, in District 2, Boardmembers Daniel Lu of Sto. Tomas, Hernanie Duco of Carmen, Ely Dacalus and Janet Gavina of Panabo City, and in District 1, Boardmember Dr. Fred De Vera, although he is a “perceived Lakas partyman”.

Known to be Liberal Party men, by true political association or shifting political alliance, who are loyal or supporting Governor Rodolfo del Rosario are independent but LP-adopted Boardmember Alan Dujali of Panabo City (second district), Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad of Tagum City (first district), senior Boardmember Shirley Belen Aala of Tagum City, District 1 Boardmembers lawyer Raymond Joey Millan, and Vicente “Enting” Eliot.

The five perceived LP and Gov. Dolfo’s men are joined at present by the Sangguniang Kabataan provincial president Dennis Cafe and FABC president Demitrio Maligro, making them up as the group of 7 in the SP.

If Maligro ends up replaced by Vincent, the tide in political numbers in the current SP would swing to the District 2 in favor to the Floirendo’s men.

But the FABC and SK are yet to be disturbed in the hustings of the forthcoming synchronized barangay and SK elections on October 25.

Pundits now speculate that soon after the barangay polls, the FABC election would be a hotly contested one with both the Floirendo and Del Rosario camps respectively backing up their chosen ones, in realpolitics, though the governor has recently welcomed the planned political entry of Vincent, being an heir of the family whom the governor paid tribute to have made significant contribution to the development of the province. (RUN/cha monforte)


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