The travelling VMs in DavNor

sept. 9-15, 2010


By Cha Monforte


                        The new administration thrust for the second term of Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario is laudable since from it springs his good austerity measures on travels of officials and employees in the Capitol. Provincial budget officer Norma Lumain said it so that in the recent years the executive department of the provincial government averaged to spend about P5 million annually for travels. That’s excluding the travel expenditures in the legislative department. That amount is so big enough, and a thousand of small purok Day Care buildings could already be constructed with that amount. Provincial general services officer Sammy Sanchez also bared that the many meals and snacks provision for the official activities initiated by any office in the Capitol would also be be cut that only ONE snacks or ONE meal would be allocated for it. Besides, travels would now be strictly scrutinized that only those so important in the exigency of public service would be allowed. What’s good is that the travel budgets of all departments are now all pooled at the Office of the Governor. And that means, even the travels of the observed all-budget influential provincial administrator Rufo Peligro would have to be scrutinized also. Maybe yes, maybe not, since as a PA he has all the administrative leeways we know so much of, huhu. Anyway, he’s a good PA- as they say.

Boardmember Alan Dujali was absent last Monday and we still have to learn the reason of his absence on the session he was expected to deliver his second privilege speech in response to Boardmember Janet Gavina who came to the defense of his son PCL provincial president and ex-officio Boardmember Janrey Gavina. Some of his friends have been pressuring him to back off from proceeding so. We also heard about a lot of Liberal Party councilors pressuring him not to. Their feathers have been ruffled by the scenario of Dujali’s singing about the  vote-buying charges relating the concluded PCL election. Yes, BM Janrey denied there was no votebuying and to BM Janet,  Dujali is just sour-graping in behalf of defeated reelectionist Larry Caminero, a Kapalong full-pledged councilor now. BM Alan has all the right to choose his option. But one thing is still sure now: the public needs clarifications on the allegation. His “documentation” must be revealed to gauge whether there is “bastardization” of the PCL where he came from. Any of  his two options – to make or not to make a privilege speech- could be fatal. Silence would mean, as we say earlier, a cloud of suspicion hovering indefinely to all the 116 councilors in the province.

BLOGS AND BITS: PNoy has issued good memos that would terminate several non-CESO regional directors in Davao Region by October 31. DPWH engineering district offices are not exempted. We learned that the District Engineers (DEs) in Davao del Norte and Comval are non-CESOs also- only that they are good civil engineers. So we expect them who have long been occupying their perks-laden offices to move out anytime this year. Maybe they would be detailed to other functions, or reassigned to other places, if they cling to their positions. PNoy is right since we know that when personages stay so long and constant in their posts, the implication is they have already made a lot of friends from the circles of project contractors and congressmen. But for the latter, it would just be the same, whether there’s an overstaying DE or a new DE.

With PNoy’s memos, we learned that some DEs are now applying to the CESO (Career Executive Service Officers) Board for them to take the hardest CESO exams. But time is already running out for them. Non-CESO DEs are reportedly now panicky. Meantime, we’ll wait for October 31.

Maybe, the DPWH’s Project OYSTER (Out-of-School Youth Serving Towards Economic Recovery) should be retained. PNoy can change the T-shirt slogan and color of Oyster laborers- from GMA to PNoy, from blue to yellow. But better for PNoy, he can change it to Project PNoy for President Noy Out-of-school Youths cutting grasses everywhere along our highways. We still have yet to know whether there’s payroll padding in Project Oyster of GMA that the DPWH has long been known to be notorious of since the Marcos time, being one of the most corrupt agencies of government.

Good that PSALM- that body that succeeded the Napocor and which has been billing Daneco for the power supply from the base load of Agus complex, is included among those losing government-controlled corporations that are subject to be abolished by PNoy. Also included are the NFA and LWUA. These agencies  have been losing in operations while their executives have been getting fat salaries, allowances and bonuses. We still have to know also how much the provincial NFA bosses in Davao del Norte and Comval are taking home. As to PSALM  (Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation), can the Daneco power consumers know first where have all the Napocor assets gone where Daneco has an equity before its abolition? There’s fear that Daneco’s claims to Napocor assets would sink down to Lake Lanao if PSALM is abolished without its executives first being accounted for.

During the recent officers’ oathtaking of the league of vice mayors in Davao del Norte, Tagum City Vice Mayor Allan Rellon pushed a conference between the vice mayors and the accountants and auditors in the province to clarify the what’s the registration fee/participation cost to be claimed by vice mayors attending convention, seminars etc – is it not more than P1,200 per person per day or the actual cost like more than P1,200 per day based on the official receipt of the sponsoring organization, either private, nongovernment or government organization/agency? Rellon said that in the past he was limited by the city accountant by a maximum P1,200, but later he already enjoyed more than P1,200 based on official receipts. Talaingod Vice Mayor Francisco Gepulla Jr complained that he is limited only up to P1,200, while Carmen Vice Mayor Alberto Sarin said he has no problem liquidating his travels based on actual expenses. Obviously, the VMs want more- the more than P1,200 per day to have dignified OB, when Rellon said “basig nakalimot sila nga vice mayor ta” referring to the strict accountants. Seems it was an official brag to the DBM-conscious accountants.



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